Avoid "added nutrients" in potting soil - Keep it all natural

I read a negative review about ILGM the other day. Basically it said ILGM has bad seeds because his plants were stunted.
In the review, it went on to say that he used the best potting soil Miracle Grow has to offer.
That “Miracle Grow” statement was a red flag for me and the reason for my post.
I had the same issue when I used the same type of potting soil.
My plants were no only stunted but the leaves were deformed and it seemed the more I watered them, the worse they got.
By the time I realized the problem was caused by the potting soil, I was down to 2 plants.I gently flushed away the toxic potting soil from the roots and was able to transplant them into pots of rotted barnyard manure. A total turn around and those two plants fully recovered.
I must say before I realized the cause of my problem, I was also thinking ILGM had bad seeds. I’m so glad I investigated further before falsely accusing ILGM for something that was out of their control.
The type of potting soil I’m talking about is any brand that has “added nutrients” on the label. It may be good for other types of flowers or vegetables but it’s the worst for your weed. Way too many nutrients, I believe.
Actually, after looking at the reviews on Miracle Grows own website, I’m avoiding any potting soil sold in stores all together.
Keep it natural. Rotted cow manure from the farmer down the road, the dried mud a beaver pushes out of the water to build it’s dam, the rotted lake weeds turned to topsoil along the lake shore, all are excellent mediums and full of the nutrients your weed will love.
Hopefully this post will save someone from the tragedy I experienced.
Good Luck and good growing!

PH is the critical component of ‘natural’ soil. MG products are very acidic and the problem you saw at every watering was due to nutes washed into solution and nuking the plant. This is a very common experience and one we see weekly.

Cannabis wants fairly neutral, light, airy soil. No clay or sand.

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Good advice from @Myfriendis410 and @livingoodlife . We see a lot of issues because of Miracle Grow. Next to over or under watering the biggest issue usually is not adjusting pH. It is just that important.
I like Pro-Mix because it is hard to over water if you use a smart pot with a dolly like:

Excess drains through and makes checking ppm out easy as can be. Plus you can move around plants easy to water etc. The ones that I have actually have a small container under the hole in the middle of the caddy to catch the runoff.
Next helpful tip is use 1/2" PVC with a funnel on one end and a tee on the other. Tape the sides of the tee closed and drill a few holes in it to make a sprinkler head. This allows you to stand upright and water plants everywhere in the tent with ease. Cheap, simple and works great!! :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face:

I like Promix a bit more than I do coco for handling but it is a non-renewable resource; unlike coco.


Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post and I appreciate the great advice!
That’s what I like about this site. There’s never a shortage of help! ILGM rocks!

Im liking promix for weed, not so much for food crops.

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