Autos verse feminized

I have been growing indoor autos. I am now also growing some feminized gold leaf. the northeran lights are growing great and ready to start flowering. been about 55 day from germ. there about 3 ft high maybe a little bigger. the gold leaf is a much smaller plant and seems to not be growing that fast or tall. I have been fertilizing them the same until I nottest the autos starting to flower. started flower fertilizer on them . but am still using the other mix for the gold leaf. should I continue doing that till they get taller and is this the usely the growing cycle? then when they get bigger and look to be staring to flower is that when I should start them on the flower fertilizer ? please help this new by Thanks to all

How old are they and yes continue using same nutrients on gold leaf until she flowers then when she does switch her nutrients to flower nutrients

If the gold leafs are not autos they won’t start to flower until you switch the light cycle to 12/12. Just wanted to mention that in case you are waiting for them to flower with say an 18/6 light cycle.

the north lights autos are 55 days old. have 1 of them in 4x4 with 600watt Leds on for 18 /6 along with 3 gold leafs .autos much taller . the golds are only about 4 days younger then the norths I think it should take twice as long to get to the same height. is this the way it happens most of the time. for autos to grow at a faster pace ? and to keep the feminized vegging for about twice as long as the autos. I know that when feminized plant need the change in the lighting out to 12/12 also have a 3x3 with 3 north auto at 600 watt 24hours and they are about 3 1/2 ft to 4ft and starting to flower.

Yes autos grow much faster than photoperiods plants you can grow 3 autos in the season it takes to grow 1 photoperiod plant, so generally speaking yes photoperiods veg far longer than autos.

Photoperiods can veg as long as the grower wants them to so to say a grower can continually veg a plant and never flower it (some people do this to get mother plants and repetitively clone them)


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