Autos are being stubborn

Some phenos can take 3 weeks to really show they have flipped. My she hulk strain is a slow flipper. While my starburst strain will be flowering within 2 weeks of being flipped.

These were flipped to 12/12 on the same day about a week and a half ago

Maybe even 2 weeks to get it to flip. Did you adjust your lights to maintain DLI?

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I was not sure if blueberry fox tails like that due to genetics.The temps have been 70 to 75 for most of the grow. I have my lights also turned down to about 80% . so Doc, with the plant fox tailing like that it could’ve caused the PISTILS to still be white but could be ready for harvest?

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I appreciate it! I have been watching that also, Everything I’ve read and learned is to let them turn amber and watch the trichomes as well, what I’m getting from what doc said is that possibly the fox tailing caused some stunting in the development stages

Are you referring to the last picture? I think that’s the blueberry, She started getting like that over the past week or two

Appreciate it! The funny thing is these two plants are from the same batch yet one is dark purple and the other is more on the lighter side

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Just a pheno thing, I get a variety of different colors from the same seed and batch :love_you_gesture:

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Correct. Fox tails stack buds ontop of existing buds, the old gets older and the new starts its journey. I read somewhete once that foxtailing puts a pause on the ripening but (with autos anyhow) it seems they just keep on keeping on. Ripening on the original bud and starting anew on the foxtails.

a strain crossed with another that is geneticly built to foxtail doesnt mean they always will, just means that under the right conditions they will. Genetic foxtailing on the other hand is much more extreme.
Like this.

While light and heat are often cause for foxtails they arent the only reasons. Excess Nitrogen during ripening is another, also old age can cause foxtails. Stress of anykind really. You can wait it out to see but if you have more then just a couple amber and a bunch of opaque sprinkled with clear waiting the clear will cost you more opaque to oxidation (foggy to amber). Takes alot longer for clear triches to go to opaque then it will for your opaque to beco.e amber. This is why I suggest chopping. Bottom line though Ron, you are there with your lady. You see her upclose, you’ve been there from her birth. Better then any pro could, you know your lady. What does she say she wants you to do. Trust your gut, if your wrong only thing that will happen at this point, is your next grow will be even better for the experience. This one is gonna get you high no matter if you cut her today, or a week from now. Looks KILLER!


I really do appreciate your response Doc! You’ve given me a lot of info and answered so many questions and eased the uncertainty that I’ve had! I think this week is chop week!!! I just don’t like the racy/anxiety buzz, do these look past that phase?

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Go for 20% amber. Another 3 or 4 days probably.

Anytime my friend. Glad to help. All I ask is once you become a pro, pay it forward. Its up to us to keep homegrown alive.


Will do! I will give it four more days! And I will most definitely pay it forward, this is a true art form that is beneficial in more ways than one


I switched the lights and I see signs of it starting to bud. When should I change them back to 20/4 or something different? The other one I have both started at the same time has been budding for 6 weeks.

You don’t! If the auto gene is weak or non-existent, treat it like a photo. If you switch the cycle back to 18/6 or 20/4, it may re-veg on you! The other autos will finish fine under 12/12. If you can, you can increase the intensity of your light to make up for the decrease hours.

Thanks, on another post someone said to change the lights back. This makes more sense. Hopefully I’ll post pictures later of great looking buds.

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My stubborn WW auto has yet to flower!!! I was tightening a tie for LST and SNAP!! I had to do some ER work on her! :man_facepalming:t2: :man_shrugging:t2:She’s taking up needed space


Even if you flipped your lights to 12/12 a few days ago, it usually takes a couple weeks for her to shift gears and transition into flower. If you cracked her. you should put some honey or aloe on the wound.
Post a pic or 3!


I did put some honey on the break before I taped/tied it up. I’ll take some pics in a bit. I didn’t take pictures of the break, I jumped into surgeon mode lol


She looks like she has a deficiency… pinkish/purple fan leaves with some yellow ones too

12/12 Should start the flowering stage 10 to 14 days after flip. Cannabis is actually pretty tough little patch work she should be fine.
Good luck