Autos and non autos can they live together and how aboit nuturements?

I’m a 100% beginner and I’ve just grow 4 plants from seed 2 autos and 2 normal.That are at weeks and I’m not sure what to do the light cycle at. I’ve been told 18-6 is this right? And can my plants live and grow together?and what age do I start giving nuturements? Sorry for all the questions but I really want to get this right.Thanks to anyone who can help and rookay like me

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Week 5 I ment to say

Autos grow best at 20-4 , check out Dr AutoFlowerCannibisAdventures on youtube, great stuff, you"re in week five so your autos sholudnt be in too bad of shape, got any pics?

I start my nutes after 2-3 weeks, But I’m a soil grower, I mix my own soils experiment a bit, and as far as nutes I use all kind of stuff , we should bring @kabongster, and @Majiktoker into this, they know shit, trust me.

First up @Jay6577,

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As far as the lights go, It won’t hurt your auto’s what light cycle you use. I would ho with 12/12 for the reg’s
As for nutrients just go easy with a them at first.
Your auto’s will finish way before your reg’s so you’ll want to change your nutrients for them soonr other wise that’s it


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18/6 is perfect, and 5 weeks in flower you can feed nutrients, however start off really light (1/4 tsp of each nutrient)


Hi Jay, you didn’t mention whether you were trying to, or had already induced flowering in the photo plants ?

18/6 would be fine for both together if you were still vegging the regular plants

12/12 is a must if you’re trying to flower them both together

-good luck

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@Paranorman, it doesn’t have to be 12/12 for autos, they naturally flower no matter the light, autos will flower upon age rather than having to self trigger flowering, like photo period plants.

Autoflower plants will flower with 24 hours of light, 18/6, or anything above 12/12, or even a 12/12 light cycle


I understand, but the original poster is asking the question:

Autos & non-Autos, can they live together ?

I believe this person is trying to grow both kinds together in the same area under the same light cycle

Best wishes in your healing my friend ! @Majiktoker

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Ah they can through veg cycle and by his wishes, yes he can move it to the flower room with a regular photo period plant on a 12/12 light cycle

I was the one who brought up the 12/12 I also told this person that …

As far as the lights go, It won’t hurt your auto’s what light cycle you use. I would go with 12/12 for the reg’s
This 12/12 was ment for the Reg’s


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@garrigan62 Here’s what I believe he’s asking:

He’s got 4 plants, 2 Autos & 2
regular, They’re all at five weeks (I’m assuming they’re in veg?) He wants a best-recommended light cycle

…at least that’s what I believe he’s asking

If that’s correct my preference for that particular mix of plants would be a 20 / 4 Cycle in veg and 12/12 when he changes the regulars to flower

Week 5 buts them in veg so you are correct. I go with 24./ 0 but 20/4 is good
Thank you for your input


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Your right that is what I ment. And thanks a lot for the advise. But now today I’ve checked my plants and on two of them I’ve got this strange yellowing on the leafs. Do u have any idea what this is?? I’ll show you a pic.

Sorry man didn’t mean to step on your toes was trying to help with autoflowers, I can see you got this :smile:

Its all good my friend no toes steped on here.


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Sweet I’m glad I didnt

Thanks for your advise can you take a look at the photos I’ve uploaded and tell me why I have this strange yellowing on my plants.I’m really worried as one of my autos has died. It was when I put it under a bigger light.I’m thinking it was to hot for I’ve put a better fan in my tent I’m hoping it’ll be OK.

Give it some nitrogen, it should help bring her back, maybe a ratio of 2-1-1 and I’ll she’ll come right back

I have and I’m going to check something out but first please fill out this Support Ticket this will give us a better understanding of what’s going on. OK

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