Autoflowers nutrients?

Any tips on how to get the best results when growing autoflowers in soil indoors?? Any advice much appreciated and if I can return the favor :blush: I will!!!

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Some good lst

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Keep dli around 40 mols per day if possible and keep the plants healthy.

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Thanks but I’m quite a newbie at this.sorry but I don’t understand either of the answers??? I know o might come across as an idiot for this!!! But everyone has to learn?! With thanks!!

Sorry. Good light energy, keeping your plants free from pests and diseases, and fed properly. If you’re using an amended soil it should likely feed plants for several weeks. After that, making sure complete nutrient program is available should do. Start with lower concentration and work up keeping an eye on how your plants respond.


Low stress training, its a technique used on autos to produce more colas. Check out the guides on ilgm

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Oh right, now I’m with you! Believe it or not 2 are already leaning to one side anyway! So that should be quite easy , sorry I didn’t get on to lst I’m stoned and forgot all about it,bit thanks pal,much appreciated,will show you the progress of your interested that is! Or are you a busy man on here, answering questions! I’ll post some pics sometime from time. to time!!! Cheers

Iam intrested, iam new to growing , just trying to pass on some good advice someone gave me. This my northern lights auto i lst,

My answer to “auto-flower”?

Get a strain that isn’t…

Seems to take the same amount of time, this sprouted July 3rd, looking like I have at least another week left, I’ve never grew a photo though, lol

I’ve tried the lst you recommended! Only tied the 2 down as haven’t done it before,but it’s only 2 days in and they seem to be working a treat!! Thanks for the advice,the tops keep reaching for the light,so shall I just keep it tied down?

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