Autoflowering light cycle

Good day all,
I am currently growing a cannabis Ace Killer OG autoflowering plant. After about 6 weeks, it’s already starting to preflower and it’s only ~10 inches tall. I’m not use to this. In the past, I’ve had to force my plants to flower (12/12 light and darkness) after at least a couple of months growth, plus they were at least a couple of feet in height.
With this autoflowering strain, can I continue to give it 18 to 6 hrs light to darkness, as it’s only been getting up to now, or do I have to cut back it’s daylight exposure to continue to promote flowering? If so, what proportions? It’s just so tiny at this point.
Any incite is greatly appreciated…elliot

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Most auto growers run an 18/6 schedule from start to finish.

It happens with autos. Autos are a crapshoot and we have seen many flower at only several inches of height.


Let it ride at 18/6. Let her sleep a little. With autos its like a box of chocolate, you never know what youre gonna get :wink: have you tried growing photos?