Autoflower, need HELP ILGM team!

I’m new and this is my 1st plant ever to get this far! I’ve had her since March and I FEEL like she’s getting close to harvest? I’m SO new so PLEASE have patience with me!

The top buds look a lot more developed than the bottoms, so I’ve been looking into a “progression” harvest?

My problems: Yellow/Lime green dying leaves? I heard the canopy falls off so I haven’t worried too much, just let them fall off as needs or trimmed to get more light to bottom buds.

Humidity? It’s staying at like 55%, should I add a humidifier to my grow tent? Would that bump up the humidity? Or cause bud rot?

My plant is Auto Fem WW or GSC, (they came in the same bag from 420Budz)
I’m using Fox Farms Happy Frog potting soil and Fox Farm nutes, I give once a week. (I was afraid of nute burn before because I gave it too often I think?)
I water every other day, or every 2 days
I have a HydroMars 600w light and I DO keep the tent kind of open with a fan blowing in, since it reaches like 80°, is that way too high?

Apex bud

The middle buds just look a couple weeks behind…

Apex again

I tried to get a couple Trichome pics, i have a portable 60x scope and I’ve seen literally maybe 1 amber Trichomes

SEE I hate how the dying leaves looks, makes me worry, but then again I’ve read it’s normal and just let them fall off?

Any help is greatly appreciated. With the temp, or humidity or anything! Thanks again ILGM team!

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Or even is the light too close?? Why are the leaves at the top getting that brown/black/purple color?

have you checked the trichomes with a Loupe ?

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Hey james! I’ve used a magnifying scope 60x to 120x, would a diamond loupe be better? It’s difficult to focus, but I BELIEVE I’m still seeing cloudy or white. I’ve seen literally 1 amber tricome so far

The dead and dying leaves are normal this far in. You can pull them off as soon as they yellow if they bother you.

As for the coloration of the leaves near the top of your bud… that MIGHT be genetics of the strain. My first goldleaf kind of freaked me out because the leaves were changing too early in the process, realized it was the most likely genetics. My blueberry plant turned blue shades, my cherry pie, red. Different colors makes growing fun.

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Your humidity is ok, but you don’t want it any higher. It would be better if it were a little lower, but by no means would I add humidity. Your right, bud rot.
It does look close to harvest. If the trichomes are mostly cloudy it is a good time to harvest, even with maybe a few clear and a few amber.
If I’m giving bad advice, any of you pro’s can feel free to correct me. I won’t take offense.

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Congratulations on the upcoming harvest! Nothing to worry about that my inexperienced eyes can see. Nice grow!

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looks marvelous to me :slight_smile: but i too am a newb lol . u said a mars hydro 600 is it the ts600 by chance?

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the amber will come… a diamond loupe sounds like the thang Yum Yum !

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I have no idea what a ts600 means!

THANK YOU this helped comfort me a lot! I’ve just put in so much work I would hate to mess anything up now!

I turned my humidifier off asap! It’s only been on a day, on and off. So I should be alright with that. Thank you for the advice!!

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@anon47475595 Nice looking plant. :+1:t2:

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its the model of one of mars hydros lights but i saw your pic and am pretty sure thats not the model ts600

@Foeshamer I just looked yes it says ts600 on the box

its done good so far! Gets a little hot, but a small fan fixes that

Can you get your plant into sunlight so the sun is backlighting the trichomes and they should pop out if they are ready . :mage: