AutoFlower, Indoor, - I Have These Lights For My Other Plants. Could They Be Used?

I have the light set in the link below. I use it inside for starting pepper seeds.
I then transfer the peppers outside.

Will these be able to be use to get my AutoFlower pretty far along (there are 4 of them)? Or should I be investing in a different light? I do not need top notch everything. But don’t want to use these too long if they will not be enough help for the plant.

All thoughts welcome.

48inch 50W LED Shop Garage Light with Metal Cover Large Luminous Area (50W Eqv 200W) Plug and Play with Pull Chain Accessories 5000K 5500LM

Welcome to the community and good luck. You won’t be growing much with these lights and you sound like you don’t mind so just use them. Lights do matter…most important item that you will ever buy.

I had plants where I only got 5 grams off subpar lights. Now I am pulling in over 27 oz per crop cycle. But this is my pain management so I need to have more than a normal person. I can smoke 1 gram and 30 minutes later no buzz. Smoke more…:joy::joy::joy: