Autoflower 24hrs light

Is it ok to grow autoflowers 24/7??


Autos will grow under about any light schedule. I think they do better if they get a dark cycle. Good luck

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I do 20 on 4 off


Plants perform some actions in the dark that they simply can’t do during daylight. Nutrient transport is supposed to occur nightly to allow the plant to manage it’s own resources. Much of the actual growth happens at night too.


To start is fine, but then reduce.

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I’ve been starting off 16/8. Just how darkness is necessary?

Not sure, just finished my 1st set of plants grown at 20on 4 off,i might make the switch to 18/6 to see what the difference is

It’s a preference thing, I run my auto’s 24/7, it’s all up to you, either way is fine



Do the first week as seedlings 24/0
then, weeks 2-3 18/6
then, 12/12 till done… they do most of there growing in the dark!
Do the 12/12 till she eats herself up, when we stop feeding her a couple of weeks
before chop, so she’ll be a smooth smoke.