Auto light schedule

Is it okay to start a auto-flower on a 12/12 light schedule? If not how long can two 100 watt CFLs work on two auto flowers? I just got sour diesel and great white shark auto seeds and want to get started.

So theoretically they would be under 200w? How big is your space. You need 50w/sf to cover an area and I would give each plant about 2sf for themselves

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Better off starting autos on at least 18 6 if not 20 4


If I use two CFLs it can go in my 24x24x48 tent at least trough veg. Then I can move to the closet with led with the others flowering

I think I will start them on 24 hours with the two CFLs then move to closet with my others in flower

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In order to thrive and grow, your weed needs…

Light (brightness has a huge effect on yields)

                                      1.) CFL Grow Lights

CFL grow lights are the twisty-looking bulbs you can find anywhere you normally buy light bulbs. They produce a great spectrum for growing cannabis and can be used in tiny spaces where no other grow light would fit such as the inside of a cabinet.

Keeping CFLs close results in the best yields and growth

                                      2.) T5 Grow Lights

T5 grow lights are one of the most easily available types of grow lights and are used to grow many different types of plants. As a result, they’re available in many garden and home improvement stores.

T5s are much bigger/wider than CFLs and usually come as part of a panel, but they can still be kept mere inches away from your plants without worrying about burning them.

These cannabis plants are thriving under T5 grow lights

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the info @garrigan62. I decided to suck it up and buy another light so I can put those autos on at least 18/6 light schedule. So I’m with you on that​:grin::grin::grin:


you won’t regret it buying a new l light.


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Yeah I think the results on this first grow will be well worth it