Auto flower outdoors

Hey @Wishbone flip that bag over and tell me if that is a soilless mix? “jiffy natural and organic seed starting MIX

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@bob31 Says… This mix contains 60% - 70% sphagnum, peat moss, vermiculite, coir pith and lime for ph adjuster. Is that soilless or a soil mix? My plan is starting my Amnesia Haze AF in the Jiffy Mix then to transplant them to the Fox Farm Ocean Floor potting soil mix, will this work?

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Its soiless. So treat it like hydro with ph of 5.8. Some really good stuff im using it rn an have used it before for outdoor. The jiffy soil

Yep @Wishbone it’s soilless and it’s fine to start in. Just like @Dr.DankThumb420 indicated just pH water in at 5.8 while in just that mix. You might get some lower runoff pH after you transplant but you’ll be fine.

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@bob31 I pool strip tested my tap water and it appears my tap water has a PH value around 7.5, how do I lower my PH for watering seedlings? We have a hot tub and we use a powdered pool chemicals for raising and lowering the PH. Is this safe to use for my plant’s water or is there a safer and better way for controlling my water’s PH? I’m thinking about trying to collect rain water for watering but I’m not sure what the PH value for rain water would be. I need to figure something out though pretty quick, I’m expecting my magic beans any day in the mail lol TIA
P.S I just had a thought… how important is the PH for the 24 hour seed soak and germinating method ILGM talks about?

I didn’t pH my water until I was spraying my sprouts. Not sure it matters for the seed hatch?

Rainwater is usually a good neutral pH. There is a pretty good topic on that already. I will see if I can find it and link it here.

The ph adjusters for pools… I’m not sure about those. What’s in them? (Anyone else doing that?) I believe that the ph up & down used to adjust fish tanks is the same stuff as what I recommend:

ph and tds meters

ph up & Down

If you’re doing added nutrients to your soil at some point you would need to know the TDS as well as the pH


@bob31 did you have to get the calibration fluid they are talking about in the testers item description?

I bought the small bottle of 7.0 fluid as most of my measurements are in that area. It’s good to know that your meter is correct!

And those are just examples… There are meters that are similar. Those are just to get you thinking in the right direction.

Soil mix for auto flowering

@Wishbone I like what u got going on there. I have some autos I want to do out door as well. I read the ilgm grown book and it stated for my region I should start mine in May. Do u plan on feeding them as well or just making up the hole and just watering … thanks for the info

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Hey fyshh, you mention shock period. Is this going from indoor to outside? I have 3 white widow autos at 8 days old and they have been outside since post germ. I haven’t noticed any signs of shock but is there something im missing?

Hey @Hankthegr8, Autos usually don’t like to be transplanted, I noticed mine took two or more weeks after transplant to kick into gear, but a few of mine went through Holy Hell during the Transport to the destination.
Hopefully everything goes just fine with your transplant, if it doesn’t just wait it out. They"ll be fine I’m sure, let me know if there is anything noticeable during the grow.
PS. get a good organic bug spray

@FyshhTrap, what are your thoughts on neem oil? I burned my other reg. flower girl with it already. Mixed to strong.

That Garden Safe is Exactly what I use, spray bottle, put it on at night so it doesn’t burn during the day, Great stuff !!

Very cool and thank you for the guidance. Will the garden safe be enough by itself? Wjay


Is my girl starting to flower already??? Amnesia Haze AF, outdoors in 5 gal buckets. Planted the seeds exactly 40 days ago, I just femmed her 4 days ago so her tops haven’t even grown out yet but are those hairs starting? She’s not very tall (about 12 inches) and hardly branched out yet, I was hoping she would be bigger before she flowered. Any input please!


Not do sound like an ass, but that’s what an autoflower does. It doesn’t grow up big then flower it is basically in the flower stage it’s whole life, besides a week or 2. Yes she is flowering and looks to have been flowering for a few days. When did she begin to flower?


@Hawkeye_diesel thought it was starting to sprout hairs a couple of days ago but wasn’t really sure if I was right or not


I am going to grow my autos outdoors this year. It is only mid may and already getting close to 100 degrees here with high humidity and hardly any rain for the last 3 or 4 weeks. I may be in for quite a job of this. But I gotta try it. I have been using Neem oil in my water and nutrient mix about once a month. I do not use much, but it has not seemed to hurt any of the plants that I have grown and finished. I have not had any pests problems yet. I do not know if that means it is working or I have just been lucky for the last few grows. I put my autos out in the sun every day, then under the indoor lights at night for the rest of the 18 hours of light I like to use. I think I will put them outside this time and see what happens. I saw a tip from growers in Scotland for slugs and snails. They pour beer into a cup and put the cup about half into the ground around their plants. The cups were full of dead slugs and snails. There were none on their plants. Maybe that will help someone.

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Thanks for the explanation because I have been wondering about this too. I didn’t know much about autos but decided to try them. I did transplant too a couple times last yeat and plants started flowering not long after going outside and was kinda shocked. Wasn’t aware the autos don’t like transplanting. Anyway the plants last year threw leaves of 3 all over the plant after initial flowering. They finally straighted out and started flowering again and finished in the fall. Now I have started 3 White Widow autos about 45 days ago. Just went outdoors fulltime about a week ago. One plant is 6" tall and starting to flower already. Just really weird being that small. Blows my mind. So if they finish in 120 days im looking at them flowering for the next 3 1/2 months? Thanks for your help!