Auto 15 gallon or the recommended at least 4 or 5

Putting auto in 15 gallon pot is it worth it? And just fem seeds in 15 to 20 gallon. Any ideas

Generally pots that size are for outdoor grows where your growing 8 footers. Welcome forgot

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And autos grow so fast it would be waste to try an auto in that big. Maybe a photo but I would transplant up to that size. Eventually

15 and 20 gallon pots are overkill for most people. Like @SKORPION said, you can grow monsters in 15s. 5s are big enough for autos unless you’ve got beasts.

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Thanks! I’m trying to grow Beast lol.

My biggest photo right now is looking like a 3-4oz harvest, despite a SLEW of problems and she’s only in a 3. I’m hoping to get 4-6 off my manifold. She’s in an 8.