Aussie monster blue mountains

Gday all, here is a pic of a hybrid cross I have made using an ilgm purple haze male and an ilgm northern lights female. The plant at its widest point is 2.4m across 2.0m in depth and 1.5m high. It is just starting week 2 of flower. Should be good for 2 plus pounds in around 9 to 10 weeks time . Cheers Mountainman 1.


Looks great down under. Can’t wait for Spring to come to Arizona. Too hot in the Summer to grow outside here.
Cheers mate

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Looks good bro … can smell them from here! :+1:t4:

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Looking good im in top end having trouble getting mine to grow carnt work out why any help would be appreciated

Indoors or outdoors?

Hi @Theguru.Can you elaborate any more on your situation and what variety you are growing?
One thing that has made a huge difference for me is only using rainwater, unfiltered tap water containing chlorine or chloramine will kill all beneficial microbes in your soil. Collect your rainwater and use it to brew compost teas and you will see big improvements in your plants health and vigour. cheers mountainman 1

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Growing outdoors im using rain water at the moment but the dry season is nearly hear i can get them too germinate but they just struggled I’ve tied different soil mediums had Afghan and blueberry autos

I have been using rain water at the moment i can get them too germinate but they just struggled I’ve tried different soil mediums had Afghan and blueberry autos growing outdoors

Indoors or outdoors grow?


Thats your problem wrong time to plant outside in Qld normal outdoor grows are roughly plant seed late August early sept in spring as the sunlight gets longer by the day, atm you are coming into winter sunlight is getting shorter as the days go by. You may get them to germinate inside, but not enough sunlight for a good yield atm

Oh are they autos?

Bro he has already stated there autos :joy:

Hi @Theguru. Here is the method i use to sprout seeds I soak all my seeds for 24hrs in a small glass of ph neutral rain water that has been allowed to reach room temperature until I start to see the seed case cracking open. I prepare my seed raising mix by mixing in some granular mycorhizae and watering to runoff with a very mild organic nutrient ( usually searles 5 in 1) , I then place the pot onto a heatmat set at 25 degrees celcius to let the soil warm up. Make a small hole with a skewer or similar about 1/2 an inch deep and sprinkle the hole with some great white or another form of powdered myco and place the seed directly into the powdered myco and gently backfill the hole and lightly tamp down. Use a hand spray bottle with rainwater to lightly mist the soil and then cover with a plastic dome to keep the humidity up. Because I water to runoff before the seed is placed into the soil there should be no need to water the pot again for at least the first week of the plants life. I water only when the pot feels light in weight and no nutes for at least 3 weeks after germination. Remove humidity domes when the seedlings first true leaves appear. I hope this may be of some help to you , It certainly works well in my situation. Good luck with your grow. Cheers mountainman 1

so what are you calling this cross?

northern haze or purple lights?

Northern Purps. The plant yielded well over 2lbs but was badly affected by mould after a long wet spell with heaps of rain and high humidity. I still have a few more of the f1 seeds and will plant some more next season with the addition of some solar powered fans to help keep the air moving.I havent sampled the buds yet as they are still curing in jars but they filled out nicely towards the end and smelled rather fruity. cheers mountainman1.

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