August in Virginia means bud rot

One of my auto GSCX outdoor plants has the beginning of bud rot. She germinated on June Ist, so she’s completed 9 weeks tomorrow. It’s the densest one so I’m not too surprised given the amount of rain and humidity in late July. I’ve removed the brown dry buds but my question is this:
With cloudy but not amber trichs, should I just remove/spray the affected areas with hydrogen peroxide and hope for the best? Or chop the plant, do an h2o2 soak and begin the dry/cure?
I’ve separated the affected one from the rest but I understand that the spores will travel. I don’t want to lose the entire crop!
Thanks for your suggestions in advance!

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It’s a tough call I spray the bud with peroxide before I remove it and spay surrounding buds but if you in the harvest window think I mite pull it

I have removed plants that are close to finishing from my tent and let them set out of direct light for a week or so just to let the final finish happen.
Perhaps bring it inside if the humidity in the house is lower and let the buds ripen the rest of the way.
Since its an auto you dont need to worry about light schedules.