Attack of the aphids

I’m having an aphid battle and wanted to share my gains and maybe get some other good advice.

Aphids came in with Fox Farms Happy Frog soil. (Not uncommon to happen I hear)
Lady at the grow store sold me SNS 209 (rosemary oil) which did not work then she sold me Mammoth (thyme oil) also useless. So I was literally hand crushing every aphid I could find but it was a time consuming daily battle. (Note my infestations were not severe but bad enough to be worried.)

Then I read about D-Limonene (orange oil) which I made myself by cutting all the white flesh from the backs of about 6 oranges worth of peels boiled rapidly in a quart of water for 5 min and then let sit for a day.
The orange oil kills them dead. I watched them croak under my jewelers loop so I know it works, but have been hesitant to douse the plant with it because it seems too acidic (test it on the lowest leaves first.) So I spray each aphid as I find them. This is working and i have minimal aphids now but they are not gone, so I ordered a quart of food grade D-Limonene which uses about 1 tbsp per gallon of h2o. I hope when it arrives I can soak the plants in orange oil without burning any leaves and be done with these buggers for good!

I welcome any advice! I wish there were a tent fogger that would fog away any pests and dissipate through my charcoal filter. Is there?

Captain jacks dead bug. Works well on aphids and thrips ect. Good luck. Can use through flower aldo.


Second on the Capt’n Jacks