Ashie leaves from beyond the dumirr1q


Shes auto skunk extreme. She’s been out of seed around three weeks three led lightz. Two are 150w the middle is 250 w about 15 to 18 inches about here. The spots just showed up out of nowhere and the leaves that have thems will crumble like ashes if rubbed. Not sure what it is


Hang in there professionals will be here soon. My first time growing so not sure but could you have spilled water or nutrients on the leaves? Is it on more than you are showing? Over all photo of plant will help. Along with the grow particulars

It is on about 1/3 of the leaves spread out. She indoor ac infinity tent. Temp ,mostly stays between 75 80. Humidity around 45 she I’d in 6 dark hours for her veg LED. Around 500 watts total in tent she is one of three virtually the dadamn size thru won’t act right I never spilt anything on vher