Ashes for nutes

I am setting up for an experiment later this year. :man_scientist:
If/when I get enough stash to hold for a while, I am going to try using marijuana ashes as nutes or at least a supplement. I have been saving my ashes, since we don’t smoke tobacco anymore, and store them in a butter dish. I have some small ceramic ball bearings in with them that roll around and keep them crushed down to an ultra fine powder.
I have some “iffy” seeds that came from a hermie plant so no $ wasted, only time.


I am interested to see how this goes

It will be several weeks at least but I will tag all who show some interest when I begin.

definitely count me in

Did this get liftoff?


In a manner of speaking it did. I have used the ashes as a top dress and also mixed in with the soil at planting time. I have not yet tried any nutrient line that impressed me much. I have used straight FFHF as well as FFOF, a mix of old soil with mulch, soils mixed with Fox Farms organic fertilizer and a wild mix of local soils. I have also tried 2 or 3 liquid fertilizer lines. They all seem about the same to me. Nothing spectacular to report about any of the experiments I have tried.
My plants seem to all follow the same basic cycle. They come up and stall while the roots establish then a big growth spurt where they look great. Once they start flower, the lower leaves yellow and go to shit but the buds swell and fill in pretty good. As the buds stretch and ripen, the rest of the fans crap out and it seems on the verge of death from then til harvest. My yields are between 1oz(my least amount from a single plant) to a little over 4oz with 2 and a half being the average.

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Here’s to science! How else can you know if nutes is hype except by experiments.