As a indoor plant in a pot how much light and how close should it be

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m growing my first indoor plant using Miracle Grow and a white grow light I burned a plant already so I started a new one it about 4inch and looking pretty good and healthy so as a indoor plant in a pot how much light and how close should it be

Do yourself a big favor, download and read the grow bible available here: Download the Marijuana Grow Bible It goes into all aspects of the grow, in detail, indoor and outdoor.

That said, how much light depends a lot on your setup, square footage, height available, etc, and how big you want the plants to get. You could use something as simple as CFL’s in reflectors, a T5 fixture, a vented HID fixture with ventilation built-in, or a state-of-the-art LED panel, or you could even DIY something together from components. There’s a great DIY lighting thread here: Let's talk DIY lights

Also, save the miracle grow for your vegetable garden. Cannabis plants are picky, and there are lots of soils available that are optimized to use for cannabis. They might cost a little more, but you’re going to get much better results.

Regardless which way you decide to go, do lots of research, planning, and take your time. Read some grow journals and learn the common mistakes you can avoid and get ahead from the start! Best of luck, and welcome.


Miracle grow is no good because it has time released nutrients and tends to get too hot. Also, can you give more details on what ‘white’ light you’re using?

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A white grow light doesn’t tell us a lot. Model and size?


@dbrn32 if I’m starting 1 maybe two autos (blueberry), and I have a true 45w full spectrum light. Should I add another 45w light?

Add more for light for sure. I am thinking 50 true watts per square foot of growing space…or there abouts is the min. Put your hand near the plant for half a min or more; if your hand gets hot, your lights are too close. If your lights are too far away, you will notice them stretching up. With practice, you will easily make adjustments. Good luck.

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Ya, you’ll want more light eventually. I don’t know that adding another small light like that is what you’ll want to do though.

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