Are they ready? Just pick the some that are?can you dry in house while running pellet stove as it too take out moisture in the air?

Ok under my micro I’m seeing more than half cloudy and some with amber on top we’re it’s a bubble toward bottom pistil are white on some but still some crystals are milky or cloudy I started in 2nd week of sept now this is my first everything with this plant I have some photos but none that could be gotten from microscope

I have split days off and I run a pellet stove in my house with takes moisture out could I dry it that way??


Ilgm please feel free to drop in thanks guys/gals

What’s the humidity in your house?

Do you have tricomb pictures so we can confirm?

The idea is actually to dry the plant slowly, so in a 60% humidity base. Environmental for 2,days them 55% then 50%.
We are trying to get a week out of the drying process before tossing in grove bags to cure.

A mosture meter is a great tool, once your buds read 11% toss each plant in a grove bag (cure each plant in one bag to get the best results).
A calibrated humidity gauge is ideal to. Ensure it stabilizes at 62%, if it’s high burp the bag if it’s low add a leaf for a day.
Once it’s stable toss in a humidity pack.
Your cure now is st rting.

Well yesterday now there still in pots in rent but yesterday it said 38% humidity and with rain last night to day since intake pulls from out back wall it’s 62%

And tricomb pics I have a Carson but not to we’re I can get what I see on phone

This is why we run controllers for our exhaust fans and have a spare heater one and humidity one.
Setting your exhaust fan to turn on at X humidity and vent extra humidity, while also hvaing a humidfior in the tent. Works well

Ugh sell that thing get a Bluetooth microscope hand held. Amazon.

Sorry you bought it, I did to when I first started lol.

I Geuss you could keep it for your shop as a backup or to give to a kid to play with but the digital ones are the way to go

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I have an Exhaust fan that’s on a timer mainly for smell I do have a temperature control for cooling and heating in two heaters in my tent


Cold in your garage?

I’ll give you Celsius because I’m not American but
27c or 79f for growing Durring lights on
Drop it to 23c Durring lights off

Drying you want like 16-18c (I can never do that unfortunately but oh well)

Run a humidfior in your tent when you veg or when your drying, if you don’t already have one avoid cool mist or ultrasonic and get an evaporative one.

I see a few that hook. To phone corded and wireless about 35-45$

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These autos I’ve left lights on 24 hours a day I put tent in above ground old cellar my temps normally stay consistent with what the controller is it the only change so far is when it rained last night normally the humidity reads 40% I can raise it just by putting water on the floor but I didn’t know whether to let it stay at 40 because I’m trying to harvest it but tricombs stem s are milky and 1/4 of them I’d say the top of it is amber the rest are just all milky some of the lower buds are not though there clear and some milky

If your still growing then keep your humidity in line with a VPD cannabis chart. I’m speaking of when you dry.

Lower buds never match top buds, this is one reason a good lollipop and defoilation is key twice Durring flower.

Hard to judge by words to be honest because most people’s eyes are not trained to see the same thing.

They came up 2nd week in September this is there 14-15 week the pistils have ambered and receded back towards the bud I was hoping to clip a few off to dry

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Resist the urge to sample… Don’t do it.

Also grow autos on max 20/4, plants that get at least 4 hour of darkness (avoid light leaks, power bar lights etc) are healthier.

I mostly grow autos.

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What do you mean Resistance the urge to sample like clip and smoke with out drying? 20/4 gotcha I’ll do that on next set

Until bud has been dried for the longest possible time without over drying and then stabilized at 62% humidity. Generally 2 - 3 weeks at that stable humidity will then be time to consume. Anything before is rushing to sample.

The humidity in my grow space and finishing room can be between 30-40% relative humidity which is a little too dry for drying buds. But as my flowering plants need it a little bit drier than my drying buds, I took an old wardrobe and made it into my drying space. That way the little area that needs to be a little more humid doesn’t mess up the area that needs to be a little drier. Not sure if you have the space for a wardrobe but a simple cardboard box can also do the trick. Some folks on this forum use the cardboard box method, and they have posted photos of their setups if it helps


Thanx I have about 2-2 1/2 feet left in width 7 in length