Are they big enough for LST ? Please Help I'm on my First Grow trying to maximise Yield and avoid mistakes

Hi I’m wondering if I could start Low Stress Training on my Autoflowers ? Or is it still too early for it?

Their past their week 3 from seed and now are on second day of week 4.

It’s Speed + by Sweet Seeds. IT’s got Breeders 7 weeks from seed to Harvest time.

I’ve never done that before I’ve watched videos on youtube on how to do this but I’m worried I might break the main stem in the process and kill my plants as a result. On the other hand, If I don’t LST I will end up having small harvest out of these 2 Girls. Plants are 5 inches tall or 13cm.

Ps. Is 400 PPM Flora Trio Appropriate Strength for this age or should I further up to 700PPM strength?

Pictures Follow.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Depends on the medium you are using. I would want to know your runoff before feeding. Looks like your plants need a little nitrogen.

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Hi VTGrow
Thanks for taking your time and replying
I’m Using 70% Coco Coir/30% Perlite
I’m currently feeding them just enough water not to cause a Runoff. (Been Advised to do this)
My Nutes are 400 PPM before Feed. PH’d to 5,5-5,8 or 6.0
Do you happen to know Nitrogen Uptake PH ?
Should I begin to feed to Runoff now and start Measuring it with TDS Meter as well?
Please advice as well should I start Low Stress Training or is it too early for it ?
When to Expect Transition to Flowering ? on those Autos? It’s a Cross of Critical Mass and Speed Devil 50% Indica 50 % Sativa.
I’ve seen growth Journal of one guy and his plants started to flower at Week 4-5 and Finished Life Cycle at day 56. 8th Week.

I would water to runoff and feed accordingly at this size.

OK VT Grow I have got the Runoff Feeding Today on them
PPM of Feed 460
EC of Feed 920

Runoff PPM is 500
Runoff EC is 1020

But I can’t really tell anything about my feed just by looking at these numbers
Just Recorded them so you can have a look at it and tell me what they mean.
As I have previously mentioned this is my first grow and it is not easy to interpret it.

Size doesn’t look too bad but color seems a little light. How often and much are you watering? Coco needs to be watered frequently as it is considered soil-less. To answer your question, I would bump it up to 600-800 range

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I would LST them right now. They’re at the perfect height to start.

Hi there thanks for your insight and advice.

I’m watering on a Day with Nutes , Day Break, Day with Nutes and Day Break.

Schedule to allow the coco to dry up slightly as to prevent and foolproof myself against Overwatering.

I will up my nutes to 600-800 range and start feeding them every day now until runoff. About half a gallon of water with nutes per pot.
The color is slightly brighter due to them sitting under Mars Hydro Lights which are Full Spectrum.
If you take a plant out it looks much :four_leaf_clover: greener :evergreen_tree: when it sits on a Tabletop during watering.
I can supply you a Picture to compare later on today.

I will LST them today afternoon.
Thanks for the advice GFDuke :ok_hand: :+1:

I wouldn’t feed them every day. Water to run off, then test the ppm’s. If the ppm’s are low then water with food. Autos are easily overfeed and nute burn is worse than under feeding. It’s easier to add food than it is to correct over feeding.


Yeah a picture in natural light would be best.
@GFDuke has good advice.

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Check out my LST with the Gorilla Glue. I start early on to maximize yield. I even broke the top off by accident but the plant loved it.

I’ve seen your journal and your Beautiful Ladies with Big Colas. I just can’t stop staring at them.
You’ve definitely done a great job with your Gorillas. You’ve got awesome lights as well.
I’ve got Mars Hydro TS-600 and I’m afraid I won’t be able to fit your lights in my small tent.2,25/2,25/5,6?
I will LST My plants today and make a Picture in Natural Light once they come out of their 6 Hour Night Cycle.
Will also follow your advice on Watering :sweat_drops:

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Natural Light Pictures Follow as promised.