Are these ready day 60 flowering

Are plants ready

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pictures? or are they ghost plants :+1:

if cloudy then yes

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beautiful, what strain?

Big Bud from ilovegrowing

That’s one plant

did you LST her?

No topped her when young veg and tied branches over in early flowering

Any opinions on if good to harvest?

great job, she looks awesome :+1:. did you use fox farm ocean forest ?

if trichomes are cloudy then yes but lets get other ppl in her to help @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32
@raustin @Donaldj these ppl know a lot more than me :+1:

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Can you get a picture of them under a more natural lighting? A close up of your most developed top would probably help the most.

It’s really hard to tell from a picture, and that far away with that kind of lighting is nearly impossible.


If you can deliver a single picture in natural light with the highest magnification and resolution you have available to you we can superzoom the image which is helpful. Your plant is looking good with plenty of late stage deficiencies showing but you do want to wait as long as possible. The last couple of weeks can really put on the bulk.


Yes, we need a good close up pic we can zoom in on preferably in natural light.


Im with the peeps a close up in natural light is best
Do you have a loop or pocket scope @Eddiedean ?

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Clear tricombes not ready
Milky tricombes thc is at its peak
Milky with some amber thc is degrading and coverting into cdb
More milky more of a head high
More amber more couch lock
I personally like mine around 20% amber and 80% milky or there about youll be able to judge better after a few harvests under your belt
Looks like you did a solid job from what i can see though


This is the best two close-up pics could do?

Looking at it on my phone they look mostly clear, can’t really tell, when they are cloudy the thc is at its peak. Wait till they are a milky color. They look great by the way. Good job.