Are these male marijuana flowers

I’ve got some little bright yellow flower petals in the center of some buds that have been in the flowering stage for 11 weeks. Some fine powder got stuck to my finger after I squeezed one of them. Does this indicate that they are male marijuana flowers? About 90% of the buds have these yellow flower petals.

Unfortunately for you, your hunch is accurate. Flowers that have five petals and are cream-colored are generally males. At this stage, they are very ripe and ready for picking. Certain varieties produce male marijuana flowers as soon as they ripen. This is basically an indication that it’s time to harvest the plants. This shouldn’t be cause for any concern, however. It’s just another indication that the buds are in the final stages of their ripeness.



Hihi I am far into my first grow. Can any one tell me why this one plant looks different from the others? I hope its not a male. Ty