Are these Leaves Consumable?

Hi all,

My plant not doing too well, leaves are dark and curled up. I might start over.

Just wondering if these leaves are ok to be consumed, either smoked or as edibles?

It doesn’t look like there would be any THC for affects. Vitamins sure.

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I wouldn’t bother with the leaves. Have you checked your ppm and PH. Me personally, I take these as a challenge. They’re great to learn from and there’s no saying that you won’t make the same mistake again so try to grow through the problems and learn from them. If it fails you’ve lost nothing but a little time :sunglasses:
How often do you water. There is a support ticket there you could fill in that would give us a heap of information to help us guide you


No THC at this point so no, don’t waste your time. I can say with 100% certainty it will do nothing for you. I rescued a plant for a friend and he wanted the leaves to smoke. I told him nothing will happen and he didn’t want to believe me. He admitted the next time he saw me and said I was right after all.

Now if you had trichomes, then the answer would be yes, use it.

Here is what we can use to help you if you provide all the details. You already are covered with a good photo.


Were you growing that outside? Looks like it got too cold.


My dad’s old friend puts them in his salad, no harm. You might as well if you feel. Enclijed to.
Start over and follow all the basics

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Thanks all! I guess it would be good as a challenge to see if revivable.

Its a Jack Herer from seed (this site), in soil.
Over 2 months old! (always grew slow)
Water approx every 3 days, stick my finger in near the edge about an inch deep to see how dry.
Started off in seed starter soil, then into bigger pot with potting mix suitable for tomatoes.
No added nutes.
Original indoors under vipar LED Veg ~6 inch away.
As last dash for hope, i took it outside last 2 weeks just see if difference. Seems to grow the same.
Previously 20-30 deg celsius. Now outside, at night it may drop to min 12-15, while max 20-28degC.
Humidity 40-80% .
pH around 7 using meter.
PPM - will have to get back on that one, haven’t done one yet.

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u say its 2 months old? and how much water u been giving her. and ph should be 6.5 to 6.8 and what size container is she in at 2 months and light 6inches away seems way to close. sure some more of the guys thats more experienced will be able to help more


if 2 months old and in small container maybe root bound


I transplant when it gets to certain size, it may be 2 months but not big enough - doesn’t even have proper branches.
Its a clear container thats been taped up to block light - so I inspect the roots by looking behind the tape. Roots are good but not yet bound.


Its actually started to flower!
So some nice new leaves on top together with some little trichomes popping up.

Im thinking to let it continue flowering.
Ive read that Jack Herer can be flowered from quite small & keep growing in overall size so I’ll see how that turns out.

Or should I stick it under light for longer & stop the flowering?

Pictures are worth 1000 words…

6.5 ph, PH can make a huge difference in growth.

If lights are to close they will make a plant short but burples are weak, still you should aim for maybe 14" a way at rough Geuss.