Are my temps are RH OK? Idk what I'm doing

Hey all, my seedlings are like 10-11 days old. According to my hygrometer my temps are too high and I can see this becoming a problem later on. What are your opinions?


Welcome ! I noticed on the high side temps 99 degrees that’s too hot. You might consider Mounting your drivers outside the tent .they do put off a certain amount of heat. And run wire back to light. You have done a very neat job on Mounting drivers and hooking up wires . Just my thoughts good luck.


Didn’t even know that was an option. Lol thanks for that info.

You can put the drivers on the outside of your grow tent if you are using one. This will help cool it down a little. Another way is to adjust the light to a lower setting. This will help with temps as well.

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How much air are you exhausting from the tent? Do you have both an in and out flow? temps are to high, where is the thermostat placed in the tent?

I have the T4 from AC- infinity with a carbon filter if that helps answer the question. I’m still new at all this so bare with me if I dont answer your questiom correctly.

I was going t o say something, but it’s already been said… Twice.

Good vibes and good luck :v: