Are my seedlings dead?

Planted my seedlings which are Maui Waui FEM on Oct 26th… they are under 40watt CFL bulb 2-4” above dome…they sprouted through stone wool cubes 3 days later and have not changed since… I watered after 3 days when stone wool was dry to the feel. I don’t see any green at all …please help. I am trying to attach photos but can’t figure it out.

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Just select the circled part after hitting reply. With out pictures we can’t be sure. But it doesn’t sound good.

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IMG_0146 IMG_0147-1 IMG_0145

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If it helps… I soaked my seeds in water and it took a full 3 days for the tail to emerge.
I soaked rockwool cubes in PH5.5 water for 5 minutes and placed seedling in cube… I watered for the first time 3 days later… they have looked the same ever since… cfl has been 2-4" the entire time with 18on 6off since Saturday Oct 26… I have watered twice since with PH5.5 water… Thanks for any advice or help!

Light looks a bit close, I would raise that about 12 inches. It’s not a close enough picture to give a definitive answer, but normal lighting will be a lot better.
I would put a dome over them until they get a little larger. It helps to keep the humidity higher. @Sirwinney


Welcome to the group, it looks like @Covertgrower has you covered.


Thanks for response. When you say normal lighting what do you mean?
I will get a closer pic and post it.I have had a dome on them but the CFL has been 2-4" from the beginning. I was following instructions that came with my seeds.

IMG_0149 IMG_0150 IMG_0148

Here are some closer pics… Appreciate you

I have a CFL bulb 40watt that I am using now. Just brought the light up to 12".

My apologies, I thought that the light that was closest was a blurple light. Fluorescent bulbs are okay to about 6-8”.
When we talk about normal lighting, it’s with out the blurple, with out normal lighting it’s difficult to diagnose plant issues when the colors are askew.

As far as your seedlings, I suspect they’re still alive, but it’s just a guess. If you turn the blurple off, and they’re still green, they’re still alive.
Be sure to put the dome back on, and there should be a good chance they’ll thrive as long as they’re still green. Don’t over water, just enough to make the cubes damp.
Don’t hesitate to tag any of us with the @ symbol. @Sirwinney or @Covertgrower welcome to the forum and happy growing.

Things to consider as these get older. A PH meter, TDS meter, larger light, and carbon filter for flowering, unless you don’t care about smells.


@Sirwinney, you are definitely in the right hands there is a tremendous amount of here and a tremendous amount of experience. Welcome to the forum

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probably should of spoke up earlier… They were dead for sure!!! I just placed 2 new seedlings tail down in 1.5"rock wool cubes. seedling are LSD fem. Leaving cfl approx 8" above cubes. I had them 2" from cube last time. See what happens after reading through all this info! Thank y’all very much!

What’s up man, I finally got my Diablo in! I germinated an OG Kush feminized seed and planted it taproot down, it popped out of the soil about two days ago with the seed still attached and no leaves. I have it in a solo cup of canna coco and a ziplock bag to serve as a dome. I just want to know is this normal or is this one a lost cause and maybe just go ahead and germinate another seed. My phone camera sucks but this is about 5 days since I dropped the seed in the coco.

You’ll have to help it remove the seed. Some tweezers will do the trick.

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Unfortunately I think it damped off, when I tried to peel the husk off the center was mushy and white. I dropped another seed in a cup of dechlorinated water, and I’ll make sure the coco is a little more dry this time around.