Are my babies growing ok?

Hi this is my first Time growing
I think my plants are mot looking well.

The 2 in the back are 2 weeks old
The 2 in the front are a week old

Thanx in Advance

They look fine. I would get that humidity up. A dome over seedlings (a clear solo cup or a cut pop bottle) is a good idea at this point. They can get all of the water they need right now from the humidity retained by the dome.

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Dang maybe lower light and get humidity up do you have a fan blowing on them? Really helps them grow stronger and bigger here’s my two week old skywalker ogs what light schedule do you have them on

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Yes i have a fan on them
18 hours of light
Your skywalkers look great😀

Alright well that’s good I personally do 24hours first 2-3 weeks I just swapped these to 18-6 yesterday

And since your plants are still pretty tiny get some water bottles and cut the tops off and slide them over you plants and spray them and inside of down with some water and just mist them for a week or so they should start gaining size

Ok ,will do
thanx alot

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This is my second batch as the first died
They are two weeks old.

Dang bud repot those girls and let them grow start with 1-3 gallon pots then move to 7-10 galllon pots here’s the update on the skywalkers

HELP nitrogen deficiency

Repot then girls

Can someone please tell me whats up with my girls

Looks like start of cal mag def or iron