Are any Advanced Nutrients Addititives worth it?

I’m growing in coco/perlite 70/30 using Advanced Nutrients Sensi pH Perfect Grow/Bloom.

I also use Armor Si (Silica), Cal-Mag Xtra, Diamond Nectar (Humic Acid), Raw Yucca, Recharge, and GH RapidStart.

Are there any AN additives that are worth getting?

I’ve seen stuff like the bloom boosters aren’t worth it, the beneficial microbes aren’t worth it, and some who say they stopped using using additives and have noticed no difference and thats it all about genetics.

There’s so many additives for AN and they all seem to get good reviews and have people who swear by them.

Heres a list with some of my thoughts.

B-52 - Seems to be popular. My worry is something I read about Vitamin B helping the root zone is a myth concerns me. Supposedly better as a foliar spray. I have no experience with foliar spraying.

Big Bud Coco - I see quite a few people use this also, but some say the regular is better than the coco version. I’m skeptical of both as some say they didn’t notice any difference.

Bud Candy - I think it supposed to harden your buds, some reviews have said it made them too hard. I wonder if this would increase the chance for bud rot.

Bud Ignitor - I’m interested in this one because the reviews overwhelmingly said it creates a lot of bud sites and faster. Most say it speeds up flowering by at least a week.

Tasty Terpenes - Supposedly makes the buds taste better.

Voodoo Juice - One of 3 root enhancers.

Piranha - Do they really need 3 root enhancers?

Tarantula - See above.

OverDrive - This seems to be very popular. Supposedly increases yields and ripens buds faster.

Flawless Finish - This is another fairly popular one that helps flushes out the nutes right before harvest.

Sensizym - 80 different enzymes that supposedly increases trichromes.

If I had to pick 3 with the very limited knowledge that I have now, I would choose…

Bud Ignitor

I do not currently use AN but I have been doing a bit of research as I want to change and I also listen to others on here that do use their products. I would definitely include B-52 and Bud Candy in your tool kit.

@Lostgirl I believe you use a few of these correct? If so, could you lend a hand since you have real world xp?

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Silica and if needed, cal mag. An increase in P and K right at flower can help. Other than that, base nutrients are really all you need.

If you have money burning a hole, upgrade lights.


I tried pretty much all the advanced nutrients add-ons. They’re all very good for the exception of a few that I didn’t care for and there’s a lot of them from other companies that are just as good at a fraction of the price.

The biggest bonus that I go by is there pH perfect system. I’ve used both but prefer the three piece micro grow bloom version of Base nutrients they are a must! I would never do a grow without them.

The next would be B-52. It’s an excellent source from start to finish of all the different B vitamins, kelp and other beneficial ingredients that I consider a must for my grow

Next will be Big Buds another excellent source of additional phosphate and potassium during flower when you really need that extra boost.

Voodoo Juice is a great source for microbial life for beginners who want to make sure their root zones are protected.

Bud Candy in my opinion is the absolute best feed on the market for your microbial/fungi life. It’s more of a five course dinner for you’re live microbial life.

I’ve eliminated a lot of advanced nutrients additives as I can get them cheaper in other places in different brands that pretty much do the same thing.

I don’t use AN silica
I don’t use AN calcium magnesium

In conjunction with the above advanced nutrients I also use other beneficial microbes and life fungi from other brands.

Any microbial life product that advanced nutrients has is by far well worth buying. Advanced nutrients develops their own microbial life.

The pH perfect base nutrients, B-52, voodoo Juice, Bud Candy, and big buds are by far what I have tested many times and proven effective to me. This is why I continue to use those particular products.

If you want to learn more about advanced nutrients products there’s a must read manifesto out there. After reading this manifesto that I got to tell you was a very long read you will learn a lot more about nutrients your soil how pH works and how super advanced that advanced nutrients truly are from the rest.

Although I don’t endorse advanced nutrients (because I don’t get any money) I definitely support them I highly recommend them to anyone who’s serious about growing.

I almost forgot Sensizym is a must have enzyme’s product that has so many different enzymes that during the last couple of weeks when you take away the nutrients before harvest Sensizym will turn all the ways into organic matter into nutrients that are uptakeable to your plant. I use this religiously


If for some reason you’re interested in what I use in conjunction with advanced nutrients products my current grow journal at the beginning gives you a list of what I use and why and what it does

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TYVM for the info, I’ll dive into it tonight.

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Big buds regular or the coco version? I grow in coco and have seen some say the regular is better.

Bud ignitor isn’t worth it?

Voodoo juice
Big Bud
Bud Candy

Do any of them do them same thing as Recharge, Diamond Nectar, Raw Yucca, or RapidStart? And if not should I use these in combination with the AN additives?

I’ve been told if you use coco to always buy the Coco version as it’s specifically designed for Coco. I couldn’t say if it’s better as I don’t use coco.

Absolutely not. I find this to be totally irrelevant if you’re using big buds it’s only phosphorus and potassium between your base nutrients and big buds you get all the phosphorus potassium you’ll ever need during flower

Along with advanced nutrients voodoo Juice I use two other microbial/fungi products.

1.) Photosynthesis Plus (even more microbial life)
2.) Vegetable and fruit yield enhancer (Endomycorrhizal fungi/ humic acids

And I use Bud Candy to feed them. Using all four products properly you will never have to worry about your soil or microbial life ever again throughout your entire grow.

You will not need recharge, or diamond nectar. These are basically microbial life recharges.

As far as raw yuca goes no it has absolutely nothing to do with anything above and advanced nutrients. However, I use it religiously it’s a watering wetting agent.

As I stated before everything I use and why I use it is in the link above on my current grow. There’s no secrets, no games, just solid information…

Below is nutrient and additive that I use.
(Understanding what you need and why you need it is just as important as buying it)


Would I be able to hold off on the Voodoo Juice and keep using Recharge & Diamond Nectar to finish my 1st grow, I just flipped to flower?

I would then get the B-52, Big Bud, Bud Candy & Sensizym to finish this grow.

And to double check, OverDrive isn’t necessary?


If those products are working good for you now then Yes, by all means continue them.

Here’s my thing with Overdrive it’s made to take over for big buds the last couple weeks of flower. It’s a bud harder finisher.

A properly fed and well lighted canopy is going to grow nice dense buds. My buds were already nice and hard. It was not like lower larf bud is going to harden up for you by using this product for 2 weeks. The moral to this story I think it was Overkill on AN marketing end.

For a product that you only use for 2 weeks you can buy the small AN 500ml bottle cheap and put it through your own test. You got nothing to lose.

It’s in my opinion (and that don’t count for much) I’m not a fan of switching nutrients in the middle of any grow unless it’s detrimental to the safety of your girls. That’s just me.

Voodoo Juice and Bud Candy will take care of your microbial life in your soil (I know nothing about Coco) but I would definitely use cocoa version if that’s what you have.

In conjunction with the voodoo & candy I find that Photosynthesis Plus &
Vegetable and fruit yield enhancer
to be a must. It completes what I consider to be an advanced method of microbial life perfection.

I use voodoo Juice one week, been photosynthesis plus the next week, and vegetable and fruit yield enhancer the following week. (Never using them in same week) then once every other week you feed them with bud candy.