Anything but soil

Do they just have a veg formula or do they have a flower formula too?

They have a seperate one for bloom. Also a pH booster. As well as a cal mag, and instant teas, root stuff, and also some organic insecticide.

There’s no nitrates it’s all good forms of nitrogen. It’s protiens and carbon based.

For the past four years I have mixed in a good amount of coco fiber to my initial soil blend. It helps me achieve the consistency I’m looking for and allows for extra water retention during those super hott days.
I also don’t check my PH or have I ever checked my run off. Ima grow the rest of my life and make it a point never to check it. Lol nah if I need to I’m sure I will.
Growing full sun 100% organic in living soil all the little critters assist in the grow. Working together to make the healthiest growing environment possible for what is available.

Happy farming…


I think the key word is living soil. Also organic.

So key wordS.

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Glad i found this thread. I’ve been searching for actual coco fiber online (not the pith bricks) and stumbled upon hemp fiber. Did a little digging and sure enough, you can use it as a grow media. The coco fiber i did find was like $25 USD for 9 onces. Itd cost $1k just to fill my 7 gallon pot. Any of yall tried or heard of growing in hemp fibers?

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It takes about 8ox of coco fiber to fill a 5gallon grow bag. You can get 40lbs of coco fiber on Amazon for 99$. Never tried growing in hemp fiber. I bet it would work great!