Anyone wanna take an educated guess?

How much longer for this here lady to be chopped??


Another couple of weeks

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6 weeks

this had over 3 weeks to go . Get a cheap eyeglass

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I have one was just wondering how much longer. I was hoping to be able to fire some of that up on Christmas but not looking like it’s gonna happen. Another question is it possible to give to strong of light to these autos? I’m using a 600 hps in a 3x3. Temp stays 75-78 at top of plants and there’s a good 3 ft from light to the top of plant too. I recently switched over to this light from a LED and I just feel that the plants were liking the LED more @KoolHandLuke

Yes you can have too much light , but they can take a lot . Watch out for fox tailing . Which is better ,It really depends on the true watts of the Led fixture. The last 6 weeks of my last grow. I used 2 HLG 260 rspec XL and a 1000W HID in a 4x4x80 grow tent ,with no bad effects.


@KoolHandLuke No the first month I had them under a viparspectra 600watt and they loved it after a month I put in my tent with 600 hps. I have my light 75 inches from floor and 4 ft from top of plant


My buds look fine on my older girl but the 2 younger ladies don’t look to hot

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With hid lights you have to watch ambient temp and radiant heat . Use the back of the hand method. Place the back of your hand at canopy height. If you can feel the heat from the lamp , you need to back it off some


No heat at all 75degrees at top of plants. I think they were overwatered They look a little better today I’m gonna let them dry out till they’re screaming for water then hope for the best. Any other suggestions? @KoolHandLuke

@PharmerFred, No growmie, you got this. listen to your plants ,they we tell you what they need