Anyone use Weed Seeds to buy their seeds?

Dam they have a huge selection. Will be watching your grow to see how they turn out :+1:t2: @Lph008

Attitude has the best deals. If you hit their promotions, your top quality seeds will be less than $5 bucks a pop. My last order I purchased 5 seeds and I got 15 free. Then I paid for the iron clad guarantee shipping. It was with the iron clad shipping $91. So there is that. ILGM wouldn’t let me set up an account and that’s fine.

Just how it rolls sometime. I have never had a seed never pop. Now I lost a ton of seeds when the house hit 95 degrees so they rarely pop. But before that no issues.

Now slowly building a small seed bank and all seeds in the fridge from this point out. Live and learn…:joy:

0.0 just checked them out @MrPeat they also have a huge selection! I need to hit the lottery :joy:

I am not very familiar with all of the seed vaults, I’m just finding out there are many of them and since I’m in California there are many local even.

The one thing I see I like about Weed Seeds is they sell a good amount of regular seeds, and if you want to pollinate your own seeds you need males.

I was thinking that myself, the prices are going through the roof, literally! I paid $60/30-seeds back in 2017, and in 2022 I paid $120/20-seeds, both of those were on sale.

Just last week I bought some Maui-Wowie seeds for $120/10-seeds…holy flock sheepman…WTF is happening here? Now, to give ILGM credit. I have only bought from them and the seeds were always XLNT until this year’s batch, they even look wank to me in comparison to what I received back in 2017.

But the prices are pretty similar between most all of the seed vaults. So I don’t think Bergman is gouging in any way, and I like their website with the strain reports and such. I am looking for mostly Sativa dominant, aiming for flavor and high. White Widow is definitely great smoke and it is all I have grown to date. Looking forward to the Maui-Wowie if they ever get here…the service seems to be going downhill a bit, but I am guessing it’s because ILGM is so much busier, so willing to cut them at least some slack. Bergman needs to update his grow bible. In that regard, the Jorge Cervantes Horticulture Bible is the the best companion to have, IMO. I still learn from it to this day, it’s impossible to pack GVP’s brain into mine overnight.

I’m gonna start trying to create my own seeds, someone mentioned here they’ve kept seeds for 10 years that are still good. I had a bunch in my drawer from some Kush, I have no idea what it is…but they came from a good friend’s bud, and it was purely accidental that one of his plants went hermie. He was pretty surprised the trimmers didn’t catch it.

Anyway, Weed Seeds has a really good selection of regular seeds.

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Blue Dream got the chop. First grow

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@Lph008 killer!!! :heart_eyes::sunglasses::green_heart::green_heart:

Uk Cheese chopped and dried. Currently curing. 4.5 oz dried.


Good Job Brother !

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