Anyone tried topled reflector led

I’m strongly thinking of trying a reflector led system or one of the new 5watt systems.Reflector has a flower switch so the redder lights can be off during veg cycle.Also they are supposed to stay cooler than the regular 3watt systems.
It but with www in front.
Anyone tried or heard about the reflector or the other systems?

Sorry, I don’t have any experience with this company. It could be a gamble using one of their lights, but they seem to be decent lights.

I recently found an article by one of the experts in the field, he does have his own LED light company, so I am not necessarily recommending his lights, I don’t use his lights, but his article was well written and very thorough and it may give you better insight into whether topLEDgrowlight makes a light with the proper nanometer spectra ratios.