Anyone familiar with Sour Bud?

Hello everyone,
Yesterday I placed a popped seed of Sour Bud (along with 4 unknown seeds) gifted to me as a house warming gift.

It’s late in my season so I’m going to try some t4 bulbs that I had intended for a shop light. I know it’s not good enough for a full grow, but I’m hoping with some supplemental cfl bulbs I can get them large enough to finish outside for my flowering.

My neighbor behind me has me screwed on placement because of a VERY good security light. Lights up most of my backyard as well as his. I would shoot it out, but my wife has known them since childhood and says they are really nice people. Thinking of putting up some kind of screen.

Anyway…I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the growth habits of this strain? I know I can find any help I need here. Just hoping to get a better idea of what method would be best to use.

Not sure if it is auto or photo. I put the seeds in a mixture of Ocean Forest and Happy Frog with perlite mixed in.

Thanks everyone. Great to be back.



Welcome back buddy…missed ya…lol

Not really sure without knowing what strain. Hey you can keep topping it and tie branches down. Kinda
Like a sog type thing. Keep her in low…lol


Thank you Will. It’s really good to be back. I hope things are going good with that family issue we discussed earlier this year.

I was told that Sour Bud is the name of this strain. I used to look at Leafly to get info on strains I was unfamiliar with until I started noticing that the info didn’t always line up with what I experienced .

Normally I would start training asap, but my Flav and Berry White on my last grow educated me on autos. Not knowing if it is photo or auto is making me a bit cautious until I can determine that. Another good reason to buy known seeds. Just don’t have the cash for that right now.

On a better note…

She(hopefully) made her debut this morning. I noticed last night that she was breaking the surface. Looks like the rest may break through by tomorrow.

Now, trying to learn how to properly count the stages, this would be day 1 of the seedling stage? I figured I’d give no nutes until the seed leaves start to yellow. Hmm…will a little “tea” from the worm bed be a problem before then?

Again, great to be back. Even if I have to be a feed bag for the mosquitoes to upload now. Still too much junk around here that can hold water. Thankfully this is my last move.

Take care Will. I really hope things went smooth for you.

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So I’m thinking of reflective material and have this…

My question is which side would be best to face out? White or silver?