Anyone ever seen this? Looks like a green moss on leaves

Indoor grow that had good ventilation and a low RH around 35%. This started happening after I encountered a nutrient deficiency in my plant during mid-late bloom. I’m harvesting the plants tomorrow and all seems well. I had been removing all the leaves where this “green moss” showed up so I have my fingers crossed that the buds will still be okay!

the green “mold” is advanced dead leaf decomposition. they are all dead. the dark green is just the plant tissue dissolving.

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Edit: I would say just add a tiny bit of AN sensi calmag (next time). Looks like a nute ratio weakness, not as common so take caution if you’ve been flushing as this could create an opportunity for nutes to lock each other out

Re-edit; my low calcium soil had green fuzzy until I fixed the k-cal-mag ratios