Anyone else here use beds indoors?

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Thank you !!! Still getting the hang of this site lol

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@Esper That’s pretty neat. How’d you come up with that?

I figured the bigger the bed the bigger the soil biology. I learned in beds so I kinda just stick with it . I’m open to trying new things though !

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@Esper, nice to see your thread again. If I grew indoors for harvest I would definitely grow in a living bed. Nice looking set up.

All my harvest is done out sun grown. In beds that I have been working for 18 years this spring.

Indoors I just do Bansai keeper clones in 4” pots. My favorite keeper is an old jillybean cut I have had since 2006 from the seattle growers collective. And of course I start seeds for next seasons run. The only fun “different” thing I do is while sexing next years seedlings in the early winter I let them flower pretty good. I keep a male or 2 and let them pollinate. Then reveg them for spring planting. I get tons of seeds i pick before spring plant. They reveg just the same pollinated or not. If you do this on Bansai clones and baby sprouts they reveg surprisingly fast.

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Hell yea !! I might have to try it that way I’m running low on my original black afghan and cherry diesel seeds and I want to cross those and find a winner. gonna need a lot more seeds thanks for that !