Anybody with pictures of an untrained plant?

Does anyone here have any pictures of a flowering plants that hasn’t undergone LST or topping or fimming… just a plain jane…


This was an auto that I just let her do her thing. Photos I have to train for space conservation


This is an ILGM amnesia haze auto.I was concerned with her height so I put a tomato cage around her and bent her - took off about 4". Otherwise untouched.


I will play.

The 3rd photo from the bottom up is just 1 single plant that was 7’6” tall and 8 feet wide.




That plant is huge! Whats your grow space size? @MrPeat
See I’m debating on letting a plant go and do its own thing throughout the entire grow… I’ve got a 4x4 tent 6.5’ tall… I’d like to think 5 will be my max as I’m already LST 2 of the plants and the other 2 are ILGM banana kush plants that I plan on supercropping as much as possible… however I’ve got one that is just really doing well and I haven’t stressed it at all and so I’m just debating on letting it do it own thing

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@Covertgrower whoa man! What is that?! Absolutely beautiful!!

ILGM Super Silver Haze @BoilerGuy


Mine is a 4x4x80” tent. I run 2 HLG 260xl rspec kits. I also grow 12/12 light schedule from start to finish.

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Ugh! Wow! I was this close to getting those instead.

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I’ve been eyeing those particular lights myself. 12/12… that’s different? Right? How do your plants react to that? I mean I know they WILL adapt but like does it speed the process or promote benefits? I run 16/8 right now.

Untrained Grand Daddy Purple


That’s a good looking plant! What do you guess your yield was? And do you believe that if you LST or topped her you’d be working with much more yield? However that takes time… and obviously if a person could grow it at a faster rate naturally without LST or anything that’d be better than the alternative?

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Thank you, that was in the winter, when I was able to get lights off temps down in the low 60’s for the last few weeks of flower. I’ll never see those colors this time of year. The plant in the picture above yielded just under 5 oz. dry. I had another grow in my closet at the same time, and I topped, supercropped, and tied lots of branches down on them. They yielded more than the untrained plants in the tent, about 7 oz each on average, but I enjoyed the smoke from the top colas of the untrained plants the most. Here’s pics of the ones I trained.


Ya wow those are some colors there! Beautiful! I think I should leave it alone and see what happens. I’ll show ya what I got for now.

Edit-- The one with the temp and moisture meter is the one


They look good. Is it your first grow, or the first time your training? I had seen lots of videos about training, but I didn’t truly understand the reasons for it, or how it actually helped until I watched ones I left alone, and ones I trained go through a full grow.

Well this is my 2nd grow… just gunna be a “real grow” as this time I’ll be paying attention to the pH and ppm. I did some low stress training on these. Just not sure how it’d compare to something I simply left alone to do it own thing.
This was my previous grow harvest.


this is the natural form for Alien Rift


Not too bad for some highly stressed bag seed, compact muddy soil and who knows what pH.