Anybody have high frequency fertigation experience?

I’m trying implement high frequency fertigation in coco as described on Does anybody have experience with this practice good or bad?

Yes, there are some coco growers who follow this somewhat, myself included. Daily feedings in coco is what it’s meant for so ask any questions you want answered and we will do our best to help out :v::bear:


My root growth and just growth in general seems slow. I started some plants in a pot just under a gallon. I know that’s a little bigger than recommended but I hadn’t read the transplanting tutorial yet. Still, the plants are about 6 weeks old and still not ready to pot up. Any insight for the slow growth? Also, I’m getting ready to flip to veg in a few days for another group of plants. I have these plants in 2.5 gallons. They still have room for root growth in the 2.5’s. I believe roots still grow in flower. Should I pot up to 5 gallons to anticipate that new growth?

My temps are 72-77 degrees
Humidity- 60-67%
I’m running mega crop by greenleaf nutrients and recharge
These particular plants aren’t getting the best light. I’m working on getting a 400 watt hps above them but right now they’re getting indirect light from a 600 watt hps.

I hear great things about high frequency fertigation in coco and would like to master the process. Any insight about this process would be much appreciated. Thank you all!

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Can you post some pictures of your plants? You will definitely want more light in flower, but they should be fine for veg. I can give more insight when I see how they are and your setup. Tag me when you respond so I see it quicker


I use coco and also feed incessantly :grimacing:so like mattybear said if you will tag me also we will figure it out!