Any thoughts on which strain she might be? She's turning a lil purple at the end here

Hey all, First time grower here. I have already battled some bud rot and caterpillars and harvested half the plant. This was a random bag seed but it is clearly sativa dominant at least with thinner leaves. But I just noticed some purple tips on the buds and a couple small purple leaves. Any chance she might be Purple Cheese? I looked at some pics online…seems kind of similar looking…

…still battling caterpillars and some spots of rot but I’m gonna try and let this go another week…she sure is swelling up with new buds lately…

It’s really difficult to pinpoint a strain from pics. As youve noted you can typically figure out sativa vs indica dominant. Cool temps and some nute variations can give purple or even pink. Some strains even more. Scent and taste can help pinpoint the strain too… or at least eliminate what it’s not.

Yea maybe it’s just the cool temps? thanks @Drinkslinger

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Mine started to go purple when the temps started to drop.

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Definitely an Indica

or a sativa… :wink:

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