Any ideas about this?

From a fellow grower:

They are getting all brown and leaves dying!attaching others from a gift from a friend seeds! Same dirt,same everything!

Streign Train wreck
Soil miracle grow 6.4 ph
Light florescent and LED
Water rain warmed
Fan yes,temp is 68-78
Indoor with natural light too.
Humidity is a little fluctuation but hand mist again with rain water slightly warmed. I heat with wood! Have added ash and lime magnesium with soil when i mixed it! Started at bout seven inches high! Below I’ve attached pics of crops.migjt take two e mails! The close pics of leaf is train problems! Not spreading to my other plants in among!
Really stumped on this!
Gifted streign thriving is MLB,( MOTHER OF BERRY) A STREIGN DEVELOP HERE IN MAINE USA! Thank you so much for any input! Train wreck i purchase from you are feminize seeds! Is this ever a problem? Feminized seeds is new to me.

I would think it’s the Miracle-Gro. Not a great soil for growing cannabis typically as most of their products have time release fertilizer. You might want to transplant to new soil.


Did you check the PPM and pH ? that will give you a better idea of what your plants roots are living in.

Miracle Grow is a +/- for growing cannabis. More - than +. I have used it but had to flush it. Some people can make it work, I am not one of them. I prefer Black Gold with some coco in it to help it drain.

Also what distance is the LED from the plant and what LED is it (brand/watts)?

Nutrient burn all the way


I completely agree here, nutrient burn is what you’re experiencing. My first recommendation, throw away the miracle grow and buy some actual marijuana nutrients. It’ll help tremendously!



I agree, poor soil and too much fertilizer, nutrients.try to flush with water or even transplant maybe