Any idea what is going on with this plant?

I am currently 8 weeks into my ILGM Blueberry Auto grow, and my leaves have gone crazy the past 2-3 days. Any idea as to why the leaves have gone from green to the yellowing colors they are now? I truly appreciate any and all help.

Nute burn… dead tips on bud leaves…
High pH…?

Post the call ticket info for your grow…

Strain; ILGM Blueberry Autoflower

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? 3 gal pot, Fox Farms Ocean Forest

What is strength of nutrient mix? Currently doing 3 grams of Mega Crop every other feeding, 2 liters at a time.


Light system, size? 2 100w ChilLed Pucks

Temps; Day 75-78, Night 68-72

Humidity; 45

Ventilation system; Yes AC Infinity S6 351 cfm exhaust, passive intake

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, NO

Co2; No
I have been alternating giving water every third day at 2 liters per feeding and mega crop 2 liters. The plant has been wanting water more often in the past week or so, so I moved up to every other day. I noticed my pH has gone up, and have adjusted my water for the next feed back to 6.5. Should I flush it? Or maybe just do pH’d water for a few feedings? Up to this point it has been pretty easy, keeping feeding on schedule and looking healthy.

Root rot from over watering? Check the roots and see if they’re brown and dead, white fuzzy and healthy, or a mixture of both…

What does this mean? Like you dump 2 liters of plain water on your plant then dump 2 liters of nutrient solution on your pot?

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No, I mean I water the plant with 2 liters of water or 2 liters of mega crop water every two days

Your going to need to flush because there’s so much stuff in ffof soil and i had the same problem you are having flush and then feed light at 50% strength so you don’t get nute burn. I Use pro mix soil now because of this and now you got to figure out what it’s getting to much of and back it off. With nutrients less is more it’s easier to fix a hunger problem than a nute burn and lockout. Get a flushing agent like sledgehammer to also when is the last time you calibrated your ph meter get calibration solution to calibrate your ph meter every other week or have expensive lessons like me. Hope this helps you and good luck with your grow

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Is that enough to get runoff out of your plants?

Yes, I get runoff, right around a cup each time

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I would take a look at what green leaf suggests for supplementing the megacrop. Then start checking ppm in and out. Also make sure pot is drying out well before watering or feeding as suggested above.