Any Experts In The House? Need HELP!

Got a Super Skunk auto. ILGM seeds. Indoor grow in a 5x5 tent. 5 gallon Airpot. Miracle-Gro potting soil. Started noticing about 4 weeks ago, just this one plant was wilting. Like, all the time. I definitely don’t over water. She gets about 1/2-3/4 gallon about every 2 days. Sometimes 3 days depending on how light pot is.

I feed with FF Trio. I alternate adding Silica, Bushdoctor Cal-mag, and Microbrew. (I recently bought the entire Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Sensi lineup. Was gonna wait until next grow to start using as I’m going to try Photos). However, i mix the FF at half strength and plants get fed every watering.

I ph to 6.5 with an Apera PC60, PPFD is approx 900-1000, and DLI is approx 45-50. I don’t check runoff. 18/6 LED light cycle.

About 2 weeks ago, i flushed plant with about 20 gallons of straight water. Then fed as normal. Plant seemed to perk up and stopped wilting, but it’s doing same thing again. Also got some Sour Diesel, AK-47, and Super Lemon Haze. ALL of which are showing zero signs of any wilting or deficiencies and look great.

Really scratching head here. Anyone have any ideas what could be going on? Anything I should check? All plants are in week 9 from sprout. Makes me sad seeing a sad looking plant. Can get more pictures if needed.

Any help or advise will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Forgot to mention.
Tent conditions are 75 degrees F, and Rh is 58%.
Both fluctuate a little when intake and exhaust fans run. Inkbird controllers. That’s probably needed info.


She does give that overwatered look. But if youre sure she isnt, then its some kind of root distress issue.

The final option to consider is a transplant. Examine her root ball. Im sure ull fine the culprit in there somewhere. Possibly root buggies. Maybe just bad soil. Or she could be just having a hard time.


Man i really think you need to check your runoff numbers. Something is wrong and thats where ide start.


Yup. Runoff would give us something to go with


Known to cause Ph issues.

Did this plant start out in a jiffy pot or anything like that? I have seen that cause root problems.

Watering until good runoff is crucial IMHO.


Thanks everybody. All plants in same soil. Seeds went straight into forever pots. No transplant. Just watered yesterday, so I’ll definitely check the runoff next time i water. I’ll report back with results.

Is there a set value I’m looking for when checking runoff? If the PPM of my nutrient solution is say 1200, i want to water/feed until i see 1200? (Just pulling number of top of head)
Do i check the runoff of the water that instantly starts to come out bottom of pot? Then keep watering until it reached what’s going in the top?

And thank you all again. If all my plants were don’t this, I’d be worried. Being it’s just this one plant being stubborn.

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Usually its more relative. Like say ur solution is 800 ppms. And your runoff is i dunno 1100. If you know for a fact ur last feed was identical, then ur soil had dropped to 300 ppms between feeds. So next time u water, u do the same and get the same… that means she’s eating what ur giving and all is good. If the number rises then her pH maybe out of range or u maybe giving too much of any one thing. If its lower then ur not doing enough.

Kinda tells a big picture story. Cuz knowing ur runoff is 1200 isnt saying what specifically that consists of. But knowing it week to week will let you know how the plant is progressing


Well explained


To know what specifics you need, thats where experience reading what ur leaves are saying comes in handy.

Pale yellow leaves? Nitrogen is low
Dark green leaves, burnt tips, clawing? Too much Nitrogen
Yellow leaves with brown spots, like a banana? Need Potassium.
Yellow edges with minimal green in the middle? Need phosphorous
Brown spots spreading everywhere? Calcium
Yellow boxes with green veins? Magnesium.
Etc etc etc


I fed the ladies today. Checked a few things for you guys/gals. My numbers aren’t really making sense to me, but here goes. Calibrated my Apera PC60 before testing.

Tap water out of faucet: Ph 7.8 - PPM 180 - Temp 68.8°F

After mixing nutes: Ph 6.5 - PPM 1250 - Temp 68.5°F

Watered until started leeching: Ph 5.8 - PPM 1390 - Did not record temp.

The plant in question is still droopy, but not as bad. Still the only plant that’s doing it. And, it was less than 2 weeks ago I flushed plants. Anyway, hope this info helps.

Thanks again for helping and as usual, very much appreciated…

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You mentioned, reading the leaves. Definitely easier said than done. Some better pictures of plant. Week 9 from sprout, and has only been in flower for about 3 weeks.

Im not sure wth she is trying to tell you. Is it maybe cold in the tent?


Just one plant right. Did you flush the others like this one


Temp at 75°F. Rh at 58%

Yes. After flushing this one plant, then noticing it perked back up a little, i flushed all remaining plants next day. Figured, it couldn’t hurt anything.

@PurpNGold74 sent me on a leaf investigation. I needed one also.
Whenever i hear, read about the copper color or bronze or whatever it is keep coming across trace element deficiencies. So i wonder about that flush if it were particularly effective at removing minerals. Wouldnt hurt to try something like Diablo Micro I dont know other brand’s alternatives but Im sure its a thing.
Not mycor… But micro and trace minerals… Seen that mix up before