Any advise on when to transplant?

Question from a fellow grower:

Below are pictures of my super skunk og the ones I have questions with. They are roughly 2.5 weeks old and I have them in beyond peat organic potting mix with an NPK ratio of 0.10-0.10-0.10. I have also incorporated a slight amount of mushroom compost which has an NPK of 1-1-1. In addition to these I have sprinkled a very light amount of dehydrated chicken manure around base of plants I’m talking pretty small amount. Have been watering with mostly distilled water, have no access to PH tester. Was wondering if you could help tell me if these look normal for 2.5-3 wk old plants! Also I have tilled top soil and mushroom compost with chicken manure (rec amount) into the soil, when should these be transplanted into raised garden bed and how far apart?

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In the future plant in a clear cup so you can check root development because ideally the best time is right when you can see roots on the bottom edges otherwise the rule of thumb is to plant once the leaves hit the outer rim of the cup you should also put down azos (and mykos) in the plug you can get some in xtreme garden sample pack( though recent expirement has shown powdered rooting hormone to be a decent replacement)


Welcome to the community ! Outside grow plants can get pretty big. I would go for a minimum of 4 foot apart.
Good luck and happy growing.

Congrats on your grow. They look about right for the age. In my experience seeds take alot longer to start growing than clones. The overall satisfaction of the finished products is more of a love of passion I think.
@GreenSnek nailed this one this the clear cup. My only addition to this would be to start in a clear cup but than set that clear cup in a colored cut. This will shield the roots from any light exposure and will still allow you to see the root development and growth.
For the outside spacing. I would go as far apart as you can. At 4ft apart your plants only have 2ft to grow before they start to intertwine. This happened to me last year and was kinda a mess. I feel like I lost alot of bud growth come flower due to pore light penetration.
Keep up the great work and happy growing :slight_smile:

I just realized your watering with distilled water I wouldnt do that your actually better off with tap water even (most tap water is at least 7.0 so it’s pretty safe to put a tablespoon of white vinegar per gallon to get it to reasonable levels)

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@GreenSnek. Is white vinegar what you would suggest for PH down over store bought products? It would be ‘way’ cheaper.

I personally use hades down organic ph down but for someone who doesnt even have a ph meter it’s a safe alternative

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