Any advise on my plant?

Question from a fellow grower:

What can u guys say about this plant? Recommendations? Status? Improvements?

It looks abit late to make a big difference do you feed it nutrients? Is it in a potting mix of some sort? Id personally just ride it out smoke it and hope for better luck next time with a better growing medium topping the plant at 8" tall and abit of lst it looks like its had abit of a hard life hope this helps and isnt too forward

For your next grow, you may want to try a topping or FIMing technique, as you’ll have twice as many colas.


Kind of late in the game at this pint since it’s already started to flower.
You could try and give it some flowering nutrients to make the buds bulk up. As @Aquaponic_Dumme suggested on your next grow you can try some pruning techniques to try and increase your yeild but they need to be done while it is still in Veg.

Looks like you started your plant too late in your growing season.

Looks like nutes burn to me, also plant was way to small to be put into flower

not really except mixing organic products in the special mix i bought. and it is smaller than i expected haha, i toped it when it had 6 noods or whatever you call it.

what do you mean?

It looks like you over feed your plant , to much nitrogen. Also I would have waited to put into flower they are too small to get more than 1/4 (quarter ) ounce. Download Robert’s grow bible and read up . It’s a great read.:+1::v::alien:

I’m think ph issue myself cause a lock out condition
I see leaf curling or clawing on a few of the tips
Which is a sign

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@Countryboyjvd1971 makes a good point.