Any advise for a newbie?

So currently on my first grow ( still seedling stage) just looking for advice on how these strains grow or anything that would help. growing fem WW and bubble gum atm. Have pretty much most of the tools needed (ph meter ppm meter) just general advice I guess.

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Well welcome to our world of growing here at ILGM and welcome to our awesome community.
Well you have already started and we all have no idea of your grow and or grow room,
Could you be more detailed in your setup and what your growing in ? Are you in soil, coco, dwc grow room size, lights ect.

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Haven’t done ww yet that’s next but it’s supposed to be not only easy to take care of but also yield and quality. It so far has seemed to me that you can over maintain your grow. Meaning when I got it going amd let it alone it flourished. You can panic and try to do too much.

@garrigan62 I’m using a 4x4 grow tent 2 1500 w LED (280 actual watts) growing 4 ladies. 6 in inline fan (442 cfm) passive air intake (next to my a/c) currently have them in FFHF soil will be moving them to ocean forest once they go in a 5 gal fabric pot. Also have the fox farm trio and cal mag

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Nice looks like you’ve read alot. A stupid mistake I made earlier in in mine was thinking I could pre nut/ph water and think it would maintain that.

OMG so much reading lol… Have a notepad just full of random grow stuff

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The other trick is taking the multiple different opinions and theories/technique and finding your own.

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Don’t forget the worm castings ok


Yeah I think im gonna try to do some topping and LST looked into lollipopping and some other high stress training but I might wait to Do those till I get a few grows under my belt

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I wished I would have topped mine early on I felt I could do it but I was advised not to at the time. I did lst early on thru till late flower.

Well when you decide to do that tag me and i’ll hook you up my friend. Ok

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Hello @garrigan62 I talked to @Dushin91 earlier in an led topic.

@garrigan62 I believe the ffof has worm castings in it already should I be adding more?

@DankGunslinger how did LST training work out for you?

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Sorry i got lost answering so many questions lol

It’s easy but super effective check my grow journal out when you can I covered my lights tent build etc bunch of pics. I’m a noob still but I learnt from others journeys.

Yeah will take a look then

You can add more worm casting to your mix your plants will love it…

There is a free grow book here you can download for free. Good basic info.

Be aware prefertilized media is famous for burning plants to a crisp.

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