Another Newbie Harvest question

ok so my question is this is a seed I got from a baggy must be from same bag as last year cause plant did same thing from sprout it split into two stalks right from seedling. Well as you can see one side the top flowers are all still fully white pistols as you go down the branch they are turning brown quick but only on one stalk she started to slower on august 12 it seems way to early to harvest ? any ideas or help would be so much appreciated my other two plants one pretty much died she has just started flowering on august 26th and my third she has the tobacco virus but is budding like no tomorrow :slight_smile: but this one is a total mystery :frowning:


The browning of pistols is normal. You still have a good month left. Looks good though


thank you was worried

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This is the only thing that worries me

@Myfriendis410 @MattyBear you guys have any idea?
@Jbum @Drinkslinger

Doesn’t look like bud rot since it is on the outside. Still, it’s suspiciously brown.

Did it get wet/drenched with something? It looks burnt.

let her grow…let her grow

She has a minimum of a month or more to go possibly 2

thank you guys no she has not got burnt by anything that I am aware of and she only gets water from the bottom very rarely gets touched by rain due to being on my balcony

I have planted some autos outdoor in fabric pots from germinated seed and 5 days have passed with no sprouts or any sign of life.

What should I do ?