Announcing the next iteration of our store blog (

Hey guys, we did something new today and, as members of this forum and therefore our most cherished community members, your feedback is welcome!

We revamped and launched our today under a new name: ILGM HQ.

Some of you might already know that we at ILGM have had more than one blog. About three years ago, our main blog,, got some company in the form of The thing is, though, we launched that blog and… never really did much with it.

That’s changing today!

I can go into depth here, but I think the best thing is to simply link to the introductory post because it will explain everything very well.

You can find it here: Evolving our store blog

The most important news for now is that we’ve introduced a new post-category, which we will use to share ILGM-related news like improvements in the store, new strain launches, and other interesting tidbits. I will personally be writing these updates whenever they make sense. If you’re now thinking ‘Who is this guy, anyway’, then I also suggest you give the post a read. :slight_smile:

Finally, we’re also adding a mailing list dedicated to these updates that you can subscribe to. If you do so, the next update from the ILGM HQ will then land directly in your inbox, so you won’t have to check back manually. The subscribe form is towards the bottom of the introductory post.

Please let me know what you think (and feel free to let me know if you spot any typos)! I’ll be hanging out in the comments.




Looks like a great collection of articles.