And Now We Play The Waiting Game

Just mailed my money for my order today! So I’m too excited and now I can’t wait to get the seeds it’s sucks I’m so impatient but I’m anticipating 3 -4 weeks hopefully sooner but not getting my hopes up. A little sketched out but I have hope for ILGM not so much for the mail service here in California haha. All I know is I can’t wait to start growing these babies once they get here!
Happy growing all!


:alarm_clock: tic toc nothing worse than waiting… but then again nothing better than relaxing with a home grown smoke either so it will be worth the wait in the end :slight_smile:


I am waiting myself on seeds this is my second time ordering. No problems. They are great.


I’m playing the waiting game also. Got confirmation they are in the air so should see mine in a few weeks.


Getting ready to place my 4th order, have had nothing but success :nerd_face::seedling:


I hate waiting haha for anything really but hey what can you do, just gotta play it by ear. I have some bag seed growing and they weren’t doing the best until I used some nutrients and figured out what they were lacking or missing to grow and now that I basically have all I need I figured why not just get some White Widow Autos from the store. Can’t wait to smoke my homegrown!

@Smokin_ernie what state did you order from? I believe it’ll be fine just sketchy about California haha lots of undercover wrong doing around here haha. I just don’t want someone to rip open my card and it never get sent to ILGM, which I can sadly see happening.

@Jmesser80 Nice bro what type of beans did you order brotha?

@Sl1 Nice! What did you end up ordering this last time? I’m glad to hear everyone has got there orders it’s gives me a sense of ease. Mostly cause I’m just a sketched out person when it comes to things like this haha but I have hope lol

ordering form Mass. Had no problem the first time I ordered.

Good stuff man good to hear!

I actually ordered some autos - Blueberry, Amnesia Haze and Northern Lights.
I’m getting more GL this time. :heart_eyes:

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I received my last order a few weeks ago in which I got some blue dream, big bud and gold leaf (5 of
I placed another order in Friday for some autos, I ended up going with the auto mix pack (3x5) so the ones on the way now are amnesia haze, blueberry and northern lights.
I only grow indoors during the winter months and then take the rest of the year off but this year I’m going to try and put a few autos outside and see what happens. (I’ll probably start them indoors then move them outdoors)

Mmm I was looking at the blueberrys but Ive always wanted to grow white widow since the first puff I took lol and seeing as how the seedbank had some I thought Id take it up. I wpuld definitely like to try growing the GL

@Jmesser80 Ive always liked blue dream as well one of my first strains ive smoked just not much of a sativa person but ill smoke blue dream any day. That’s what I’m going to do with the Auto WWs. 2 inside for the time and 2 outside in the ground to see how it differs but either way I cant wait to see what they’ll produce. Cant wait to anxious lol

I got some blue dream (I think they actually called it blue city dream) but was the best smelling smoke I’ve ever had so I wanted to see if I could produce it myself. I won’t be growing that until winter time indoors.
I also want to try the chronic widow that stuff looks pretty beastly.


Growing AH & Blue berry now @jmesser80 :sunglasses:


I was cracking up reading these. We’re like little kids at Christmas looking through the Sears Big Book (for those old enough to remember that). I want one of those, and one of those, oh and that one too! :christmas_tree::gift:


Blue city dream now that sounds pretty nice, maybe I’ll get some blue dream and white widow and get a blue widow strain mmmmm. The chronic widow does look pretty dank.

@Sl1 do you have any pictures or grow journals I’d like to see those.

@AnneBonny Im not old enough for that but I know exactly what you’re talking about lol I still look through catalogs for things to order so it’s all the same but it would’ve been cool to look through a Sears book lol

Loved the sears catalog. Could flip threw the pages for ever.

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