And grow, it REALLY begins :)

Welcome Amy. Is there access to the roof of your apartment building? I use my 2 x 4 for early indoor starting and the.n move them outside. We are allowed 12 for medical so that’s my goal. We have a guest bathroom and the tent fits above the Jacuzzi tub with a sliding glass enclosure. I put 2x4 lengths like bed slats and a plastic base over that, then the tent. I’m glad to get them outside just when they start to smell. Hopefully your strain is not a skunk variety or have gas as it’s odor description. JBB

JBB, NY is, well I don’t know what to say as I really try stay positive, a bit behind with their weed policies and procedures. New dispensaries can’t open due to political crap so they are in limbo just waiting and as far as laws regarding growing well, there are none yet. There are just suggestions. The suggested law is 6 mature plants. Then one can have 6 adult and others that are young so----- I have 2 that survived and are doing pretty well mostly because of a certain few people’s opinions that I accepted and “just applied” and Voila! They aren’t seedlings anymore! God it makes me so happy to say that! As for taking them outside, I don’t need too. I pop out two of the 48" inch windows and provide fresh air and real sun for about an hour to two a day. I swear they LOVE it. It’s nice to see them dance in the breeze!
So, JBB thank you for the above outdoors suggestion, I’m on it ;).

Hi Amy, They should take off now. Here are mine at 4.5 weeks. Once they start they grow like weeds! I topped these at the 5th node and removed nodes 1 and 2 below. You likely won’t have room for two Christmas trees in your tent so early and often topping and /or LST are your friend. LST is pinching and twisting the stem to damage but not pinch off. It will make them bushy and limit vertical growth if done often. You can find YouTube videos on these techniques. Happy growing! JBB

tallest tent you can fit in room.
AC-Infinity controllers for lights and fans (exhaust and oscillating)
Provides programed control (temp/RH/VPD insurance).
Charcoal filter connected to tent exhaust with T4 (smell control after flowering).
Keep the faith, I waited 45 years to become legal, now life is too short.

Thanks for your projection. Also, I haven’t gotten a tent yet. I live way up in the air and the sun all late morning and afternoon seems to help. I’m hoping for trees, lol.
BTW, that roomful of plants is absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m in love with that photo! I feel my addiction taking hold…

How far is your light and what setting do you have it on? Your adolescents are beautiful btw!