Amber showing Am I ready?

This is a very foggy picture but if you look carefully at the top you can see some amber. This is the top center cola. Am I ready to chop?

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Hello @Lightyear

Sorry but will need a better pic(s) of the tricomes.

The amber on a top cola could be from heat or too much light.

Cannot see or tell what the majority of them are.

You want… Depending on what effect you going for… Cloudy, with a little amber… The more amber the more sleepy of an affect.

Maybe a pic of the whole plant helps.

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Sorry need magnified tricome pics… Good looking plant.
What strain? How many weeks in flower?
Great job!

Jack Herer. I would say I’m around week 4. Here are some earlier/clearer pics.


Im still seeing a lot of clear. Id let that clear cloudy on up…

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Those are older. I saw lots of amber show up on top. I have a picture but it’s not very clear. Focus on the top trichs.


At 4 weeks you probably have a bit…

I’d still like clearer pics but am with @ChittyChittyBangin on this.

@Lightyear those look more cloudy from what i can decipher. Are you using a digital microscope?

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Yes along with a jewelers loop which actually is clearer than the microscope.

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Are you just checking top cola or lower also?

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Yes lower as well. The highest amber concentration is what can be barely made out in the picture which is on the top cola. The lower ones are looking cloudy but it’s hard to tell.

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I love Jack Herer. It’s best to resist the urge to pull too early. If you aren’t sure if there are any amber it could probably go longer. When it is time you will see them.