Amber but a few white pistols

I have a couple autos in my tent that’s been in flower for 12 weeks but it has a few white pistols still. Is it ok to harvest?

do you have a loupe to check tric’s out… pistols can be deceiving on when to harvest…


I just ordered one and also it seems as the leaves are dying

i would also expect the remaining leaves to be dying off at this point… are the buds firm or still a bit airy ? sometimes a cellphone pic magnified with the flash on can give you a general idea of where your at if that would help until your loupe comes in… i use to do that on the regular to spot check things along the way…

They are firm I will upload a pic in the morning the lights just went off

your prob getting pretty close… it just sux to chop too early… hopefully the loupe gets there soon

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