Am I wasting my money going high end?

VA just legalized growing up to 4 plants. I had a grow operation before, but needless to say, I was young, broke, and trying to hide things. Now I can do a grow without the extra hassle, I’m pricing things and wondering is it really going to matter?

I already got my HLG 600 R spec light… Too late to hear that speech now lol… I’m growing non autos, 24, then 12/12 cycle.

Next up is the tent… Do I really need to spend $350 on a Gorilla 4x4 when Spider and Argo have them for $200… Or Amazon has them for $99… Am I going to see 150-200 dollars of improvement?

My main issue is the pots. “Do the Air-Pots” they said… “With the coco coir peat”… Well the extra large Air Pots are $80 for TWO… 10 gallons (they say use double what you’d use in soil)… Is $400-500 in pots and soil REALLY going to make a difference vs. some cheap fabric bags and $20 bag of regular soil?

The same could be said for all of it… fans, carbon filter, ducting… There’s always a cheap version, a bunch of mid range, and a high class version. What parts of the grow do you save money on… And which parts would you NEVER save money on?


never on light, nutes, and soil, the rest you can get it from the scrap yard and youll do fine :wink:

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Lights, but it looks like you’re set there.

You’ll probably get varied opinions on tent quality. I sprung for Gorilla and I think it is worth it, but people do well with cheaper tents all the time. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

I can’t comment on air pots, but someone should come along and give you their thoughts.

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I’ve got a less expensive tent that has done fine for me but others with the same brand have developed issues with the zipper and pinholes.

Lights are key, you can’t cheap out on them.

With that light being on a 24/0 light schedule is simply wasting money. You can calculate your DLI using HLG’s data. Likely only need 16/8 until flower.

If you run coco (soilless), a decent plant can be grown in a 3 gallon fabric pot. Including coco it would only cost about $20 or less.

Gonna have to decide on a nutrient line if using coco as it is a neutral medium. A lot of us are using the Jack’s 3-2-1 program and do recommend it. It’s one of the most economical and easy systems you can adopt.


My 99 dollar maxsisun tent has zero light leak 9 months later. Would recommend. My cheapo vanleno carbon filter works like a charm. Cheap fabric pots work awesome. Definitely some spots that imho you don’t have to go top dollar. I get cheap stuff from Amazon so I can always send it back of it’s crap…and not just cheap.


Wow you guys are fast!! I think the airpots are what’s killing me here. 10 gallon for $40 a piece which also requires the extra soil… I’m still listening and taking notes though!

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Fabric pots will do just fine. Even plastic too, it all still grows, even if it’s not the latest marketing scheme.
Lights are the most important for sure.


White pvc type material radicle bags. Work great ,have you looked at them? I believe my 25g was only 18 bucks.

SL out.

I like fabric pots. I have a 3 speed 6" Can-fan max fan and filter. They cost a little less cost than some and are excellent. I also have a variable speed Terra Bloom 6" for intake. I love my gorilla tent. Their biggest benefit besides the fabrics and zipper is the size and strength of the poles. I have seen a couple posts where the tent has collapsed because of pole failure.

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If you do go with a gorilla tent look at the gorilla web site (everybody sells them) and if yoour a vet you can get 20% off. I got a 5x5 yesterday & it was I think it was $313 & $30 shipping also get the pole kit (CFM kit I think) keeps the sides from sucking in.

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I would take a look at the AC infinity tent very good quality lot cheaper than Gorilla plus it has a mount for the AC fan controller on the front of the tent. If money is not a problem Gorilla is the best.

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Ditto on the AC infinity tent. I’ve got a vivosun tent (4x3) and an AC infinity (2x4).

AC infinity just seems like a lot better quality and the pricing is amazing (was 90 usd). I use AC infinity as well for both the inlet fan (6”) and carbon filter. Love the fan and filter seems to be working nice. Fan is 110-150 based on controller and filters are 65 each.

Sorry i sound like an AC rep lol just like their products.

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I got my 4x4 tent for around $85. There is a couple small holes that you can only see when standing in the tent closed. It has worked perfectly for me outside the fact my plants grow over 8 feet wide.

I switched from 5 gallon buckets which I had great success with but I decided to use 15 gallon fabric pots and i big bag of FFOF fills it up almost 2/3 of the height of the pot.

In hindsight, I should have went with 10 gallon ones but they are pretty cheap to buy.

It’ll make your internet post more pretty that about it

Welcome to the forum-
Not sure about tents mine was 80.00 4x4x80 Dena had a few pinholes I taped the zipper flaps aren’t the best but Emmy tent is in an isolated room with no windows. I wouldn’t know what’s wrong with your light I was looking at them and when I move away from hid lights that’s one I’m considering. I love growing in coco using jacks. It’s a no brainer that gets results. We like plastic then into fabric final homes. Enjoy your new legal growing experience and please share. We will all enjoy watching what you choose to do and the results. Thanks for joining us.

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